Type Of PCD Pharma Distributors

PCD Pharma franchise distributors are of various types. They can be categorized on the basis of the products range they are promoting or on the basis of number of PCD companies they are managing. These PCD distributors are very important for supply chain of medicines in India as they take care of Last mile delivery and their target is Sub-urban or Rural area many times. They take PCD Pharma company for their area and distribute goods as per the prescription they are generating.

Best PCD Pharma franchise companies in INdia

Single Party Distributor

Single party Pharma distributor is generally a single person or a very small group of persons who take Pharma franchise from a company and promote it in their respective areas. These distributors work with Very few channels to market their products. They market the drugs ethically to their channels by taking goods in PCD from a PCD company.

Multiple Party Pharma distributors

These are big distributors who generally have a team. These Pharma distributors work on a large range and work with Various PCD Pharma companies. They work with multiple Franchises and distribute the goods in their State or District at a large scale with the help of their team. Their way of marketing is different from single party and they cover a large area. Their are many multiple Party PCD Pharma distributors in India.

One can also categorize the Distributors as per the Range they are working in, example :-

  1. General category Pharma distributors
  2. Pediatric PCD pharma distributors
  3. Gyne PCD distributors
  4. Cardio Diabetic Pharma distributors.

Choose your PCD company carefully, as it is a long term decision and your business growth is dependent on it. One should do proper  research about the companies and check them on all criteria before finalizing any company. You can also check Top 5 PCD Pharma franchise companies in India.

For long term business growth proper research about company and management is a must.

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