Welcome to Top PCD Pharma franchise company of India, Wellgo Pharmaceuticals.

    • PCD Pharma Franchise
      WellGo Pharma is offering PCD Pharma franchise company and Pharma Franchise company with Monolpoly Rights to its valuable customers. We are the fastest growing PCD company In India. Our customers have rated us best PCD Pharma franchise in India.
    • Product Range
      Wellgo Pharma has over 200 Products in PCD Pharma Franchise. It has products in all sections like Tablet, capsules, Injections, Dry injections, Syrups, Dry Syrups, Ayurvedic, Soft-Gel capsules etc. A good product range is very important in any PCD Pharma franchise company.
    • Incentive Scheme
      Wellgo PCD Pharma franchise has exciting Incentive schemes for our business associates. Our Pharma franchise company Offers Incentives so that our business associates can grow more with us. If you can do good business in Pharma franchise, contact us to know more about incentive schemes.
    • 20 years Experience
      Wellgo PCD Pharma has over 20 years of Experience in Pharmaceutical industry in Retail, Wholesale and manufacturing of Pharmaceutical products. Our Team understand PCD Pharma company like no-one else.

    Want to check the Profit?

    Our PCD Products Range

     We have a wide product range over 200 Products in general range, our products are selected based on DCGI approved and latest molecules. Customers who have taken our Pharma franchise company are very satisfied with product range. Apart from general range we also have Paediatric Range for our associates. Our Products are WHO-GMP certified with highest quality and attractive packing. We understand PCD pharma franchise market well and our product range is a display of it.


    WellGo PCD Pharma is known for its quality products our 90% products are manufactured from WHO-GMP, GLP and ISO standard manufacturing Plants.


    We understand that Product packing is very important to sell PCD Pharma Franchise Products in market. So, we take special care of Packing and designing of our Products. Good and attractive packing always helps associates in introducing and promoting the product in market. Wellgo products are easier to promote and sell in market because of its packing.

    Third Party Manufacturing

    WellGo will get your allopathic and herbal products manufactured in third party from our WHO-GMP, GLP and ISO Plants.

    Dedicated Support

    Good Support is a very important part of PCD Pharma  business as customer will need support from the company. We will give you Dedicated account manager for your business transactions. Each and every information you need will be given to you on priority. With us you will never face an issue in communication. We will help you totally in managing and growing your business.

    Our Customer Videos

     Our PCD customers are happy to work with us and are very satisfied. You may also visit our Youtube channel to see more customer videos and know more about our customers.





    Customer Feedback

    Benefits of working with Us

    Same Day Dispatch

    All the orders are packed carefully and dispatched same day so that our customers receive the material as soon as possible.

    Promotional Material

    Full Support is provided to our PCD franchises in marketing the goods by providing various promotional materials.

    Best Prices

    We understand the market like no-one else and our PCD Pharma products are priced in such a way that our customers make maximum profits by working with us

    Customer First Approach

    Our company has only one target to make our customer happy. In all our communication and dealings we give priority to the benefit of our customers.

    Call us NOW at 8288899202 for PCD Pharma Franchise company, pharma franchise company, Pediatric Pharma franchise or Third party Allopathic or Herbal manufacturing

    If you want to take Pharma franchise company rights for your location, Call us now and we will share the best rates and product details with you. Your dedicated account manager will call you and explain the process to get PCD Pharma franchise for your location. Our products are WHO-GMP certified and we take special care  in products designing and packing. We are Best PCD pharma company in India, with over 350 associates all over India.