Is PCD pharma franchise profitable ?

Are you a Pharma Professional and wondering that PCD Pharma franchise is profitable or not ? There are many ways in which you can start a Pharma Business, which are as below:-

  • Retail Shop or Chemist Shop
  • Whole sale business of Ethical company
  • Whole sale business of Generic company
  • Taking PCD pharma franchise company and promoting in your area.

You can start any of these businesses and  enter into Pharma Industry.

Let us understand how PCD Pharma franchise company works. Once you take a PCD Pharma company, you will get Products on Monopoly basis from the company from which you have taken the franchise. PCD company has the responsibility to provide you with the promotional material to promote the product ethically. Also, at the same time company has to be ethical and provide complete monopoly to the person promoting the company in their area.

If you take a PCD company you can give around 20 % to Retailer, 20-25% to Doctor promotion and 20-30% will be cost. So You can make 30-40% profit.

This means if you can make a sale of 100000/- or 1 Lac in a month, You can make 30-40000 in a month. With this You can also say PCD pharma is a profitable business.

So if you are also planning to start a business by taking a PCD Pharma franchise, you can contact us and we will help you further.

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