Pediatric product PCD Franchise


    Pediatric PCD Pharma Franchise

    WellGo Pharma is a well known PCD Pharma company which also provides Pediatric PCD pharma franchise in India. Wellgo Pharma is a trusted and well known name in Pediatric Pharma products. Wellgo understands the sensitivity of Pediatric products so It works only with WHO-GMP standard manufacturing Plants for its Pediatric products. Each Pedia product is tested and each batch report is checked properly. COA and other documentation of All media products are available as per requirement of our esteemed customers.

    What is Pediatrics Product Range ?

    Pediatrics is a specific branch of medical science which deals specifically in physical , social and mental well-being of children, from the time they are born to their adulthood. Pediatrics includes wide range of services from diagnosis, treatment, preventive health management and treatment of any long term diseases in children.


    Definition of Pediatrician ?

    We can call following persons pediatrician :-

    1. Pediatric medical specialists
    2. Pediatric Surgical specialists
    3. Pediatric for primary care

    A pediatrician can be categorized in above categories, but the role of pediatricians has evolved alot in previous years. These specialists focus on understanding the factors effecting growth of infants and treat any problem they have. These doctors have to be very sensitive, as a pediatrician they have to understand the needs of small children which is not an easy task. Particular Pediatric medicines which they use to treat their patients are also chosen very carefully by these specialists. Their dosage and quality is very important. The dosage changes as per the body weight and age of children.

    What is the job of a Pediatrician ?

    1. Examining Children and infants physically
    2. Track and record the physical and mental development of children
    3. Give Pediatric Medicines to its patients as per the condition of patient.
    4. Give proper information to parents about the health of their children.
    5. Diagnose the illness and issues of patients and give pediatric medicines to patients.

    What is Pediatric Medicine ?

    Physical body of an infant or a child is not only small but also different in many other aspects. Capacity of their body to handle particular medicines and dosage forms is different from the adults. Pediatric medicine is a range of medicine specific for the children. Medicines for Kids are manufactured under stringent quality standards as children are sensitive to medicines and their immune system might not be as developed as of a full grown adult.

    Difference between Pediatric medicines and Normal Medicines.

    Basic difference between the Pediatric and other medicine can be the form in which it is taken because Children generally prefer liquids , oral suspensions as compared to tablet and capsules. Infact it might be very difficult to give tablet or capsules to some infants as compared to syrups and suspensions.

    Pediatric medicines also pass through extra stringent quality checks, because a child's body is not fully developed and the medicines have to be absolutely safe.

    Why to take Pediatric PCD pharma franchise products ?

    India has a huge population of children and this is increasing every day. Children contribute to a major portion of our population. This is the reason demand of children or Pediatric products in increasing day by day. There is a great business opportunity in working in Pediatric segment.

    Indian Pediatric market will be over 6 Lac Crores Rs by end of 2030 as per a survey by leading Consultancy and research firm.

    Other reasons to work in Pediatric range are :-

    a) Low cost of transportation and Handling

    b) High profit Margins

    c) Wellgo Pharma Pediatric Range is good in quality and efficacy












    Why Choose Pediatric Pharma franchise Wellgo Pharma

    Pediatric Products of Wellgo pharma are manufactured from WHO-GMP standard manufacturing plants. Wellgo Pharma is first choice for Media products by our associates. Following are the reasons why you should take Wellgo Pediatric Pharma products.

    1. High Quality Pediatrics products with efficacy
    2. Attractive packing of Pediatrics products
    3. Quick dispatch of Pediatrics products
    4. Complementary Promotional Material
    5. WHO-GMP standard Manufacturing

    Pediatric PCD Pharma Franchise

    Wellgo Pharma Offers Pediatric PCD Pharma Franchise to its associates on Monopoly basis. Our Pediatric product range Products are WHO-GMP Standard.Grow your business with Pediatric Range of Wellgo Pharma.

    Monopoly Pediatric Pharma Franchise

    Wellgo Pharma offers Pediatrics range on monopoly basis in India. High quality Pediatric products at very affordable price are available. Contact now 8288899202.