Pediatric Pharma franchise in India

Pediatric Pharma franchise in India.

Indian market of pediatric products in pharmaceutical segment is one of the leading market in world. As the population is increasing a lot of kids are getting born and their number is increasing everyday. A large percentage of population is Kids, so the market for Pharmaceutical products in pediatric segment is also increasing. Government is also helping Pharmaceutical industry in this segment by providing various scheming and bringing in friendly growth oriented polices in Pediatric Segment. We have hub of Pharmaceutical manufacturers in Gujrat, Himachal Pradesh , Maharashtra and Andhra pradesh. With increase in Marketing Many Pediatric Pharma Franchise companies are launching their products. You can check Top 10 Pediatric Pharma companies in India.

Pediatric Pharmaceutical segment has provided launchpad to many Pharma professionals and businessmen to start their own business and work with dignity, while earning good profits. These businessmen took Pharma franchise of pediatric Products in their area and promoted them. These businessmen play a very critical role in logistics and supply chain of Pediatric products. These businessmen are actually helping many families by taking a Pediatric Pharma franchise in their area. Wellgo Pharmaceutical has decided to help businessmen in setting up their own pediatric Pharma franchise in their respective area.

We, Wellgo Pharmaceuticals are a Pharmaceutical company based in Chandigarh and we have a wide range of products like tablets, capsules, Injections, Dry Syrups, Syrups, Dry Injections etc.  There are hundreds of Pharmaceutical businessmen who are connected to us and are working in their area. These businesses have full trust on us and they are working with us for many years.  Many of Our Pharmaceutical franchise work in Pediatric segment, all these are making good profits in their areas.

Pediatric Pharma franchise companies in India
Pediatric Pharma franchise companies in India

Why to Work with Top Pediatric pharma Franchise company in India, Like Wellgo Pharmaceuticals

Pediatric PCD Pharma franchise company
Pediatric PCD Pharma franchise company

Wellgo Pharma is known as one of the best PCD pharma companies to work in Pediatric range because we not only work with our customers but also help them in growing their business. If you are planning to take a Pediatric Pharma company for your area or launching a new pediatric division, you should not have second thoughts about wellgo pharma. We do have our own manufacturing units and most of our products are made from WHO-GMP certified plants. It is very important to have pediatric products manufactured from good quality manufacturers because Kids are extra sensitive to medicines. Our products are carefully made for kids and each batch is made very carefully and testing reports are available for all products. Our team has a combined experience of over 20 years, so you can select us for pediatric range products.

We have a positive and honest approach towards business and we support our customers fully in growing their business. We have successfully helped many customers in setting up and growing their business successfully. Wellgo keeps adding new products in its pediatric product range so that our customers are able to compete in the market. We also provide digital promotion package to our customers which gives them an edge in their respective area. Below are benefits of working with Best Pediatric Pharma franchise company in India:-

  1. Competitive Rates
  2. Customer first approach
  3. Best and latest packing
  4. Latest DCGI approved molecules
  5. Quality oriented medicines with guaranteed results.
  6. Best in class testing labs
  7. Exciting offers for customers
  8. Award winning Customer support.

How to Take Wellgo Pharma Pediatric Franchise.


Pediatric PCD pharma company India
Pediatric PCD pharma company India

Wellgo Pharma offers its franchise in very easy steps, Before taking franchise you have to fulfill regulatory requirements. These requirements are mandatory to start work. Following are the requirements :-

a) Clean and airy 2-300 Sq Feet space. For storing medicines

b) Drug Liscence

c) GST Number OR adhar card and Pancard

These requirements are as per the Drug Rule and once these requirements are fulfilled, you can share the requirement of products with quantity needed. We will give you discounted rates and then you can place the order by making payment.

You can pay by credit card, Debit card, Any Applications , NEFT and cheque, We will then send the material to you by your preferred transport. Please note that when you work with Wellgo Pharmaceuticals, Best Pediatric Pharma company, All terms and conditions regarfing, Payment, Transportation, monopoly, Expiry and breakage will be clarified to you.


Wellgo is best pediatric Pharma franchise company in India and you can start your work with us and increase your business. You can also read 8 tips to select a Pediatric Pharma company.