PCD Pharma franchise company in India

PCD Pharma franchise company in India.

Indian Pharmaceutical market is now one of the leading markets in World. This is due to increasing population, increased life expectancy and support from government. Government has helped India Pharmaceutical industry to grow by providing various schemes to pharma entrepreneurs. India is proudly known as Pharmacy of the world, It has Pharmaceutical industry hubs in Gujrat, Andhra Pradesh and Himachal Pradesh. As the Pharma market is increasing PCD pharma franchise companies have also emerged and captured market.

PCD pharma companies have empowered many small and big Pharma professionals to be their own boss. These Pharma professionals took PCD franchise in their area and have proved the products in their area. This has strengthen the Pharmaceutical supply chain and also given birth to many pharma entrepreneurs. In the Same spirit Wellgo Pharma is helping many persons in starting up their own business and providing quality medicines in their area.

Wellgo Pharmaceuticals is a Chandigarh based Pharmaceutical company which deals in a wide range of products like tablets, capsules, Injections, Dry Syrups, Syrups, Dry Injections etc. It has provided opportunity to over 200 Pharma professionals all over the country. Wellgo has helped many small businesses in growing by providing them quality Pharmaceutical products at affordable Prices. At Wellgo Pharma, we believe that there is a lot of opportunities for budding Pharma professionals and businessmen, they can start working with Wellgo Pharma and increase their business.

Benefits of working with Top Pharma franchise company like Wellgo Pharmaceuticals

PCD Pharma franchise company
PCD Pharma franchise company

Wellgo Pharma helps its customers in growing their business, if you are planning to start your Pharma franchise business or if you are planning to add a new devision You should definitely go for Wellgo Pharma. Wellgo Pharma has own manufacturing units and deals mainly in WHO-GMP certified products. Strong focus on Quality and service to customers has made Wellgo Pharma as Option 1 for many pharma businessmen.Wellgo Pharma’s Team has over 20 years of experience in Pharmaceutical industry and this helps Wellgo’s customers as well.

Wellgo Pharmaceuticals Futuristic approach towards business and Unique way of supporting its associates have helped many small businessmen in growing. Wellgo Professionals always keep on growing their products range for the betterment of its customers. Our Digital promotion package as helped out associates in capturing doctors. Who-GMP certified products, state of the art testing labs are another feather in Wellgo’s hat. Wellgo has a customer first approach towards business and this is our strength. Some of the benefits of working with Wellgo Pharma are :-

  1. Customer friendly policies
  2. Best rates in market
  3. Attractive and quality packing
  4. Certified DCGI molecules
  5. Efficacy oriented product manufacturing
  6. State-of-the-art Labs
  7. Incentives for customers and associates
  8. Corporate Gifting
  9. Customer service and support of top level

How to Become Associate of Wellgo Pharma, PCD pharma company.


Pharma Franchise company
Pharma Franchise company

It is very easy to take Franchise of Wellgo Pharmaceuticals. Following are the requirements before starting with Wellgo Pharmaceuticals as a monopoly associate in your area.

a) 2-300 Sq Feet clean and airy space for storing stock.

b) Drug Liscence

c) GST or Adhar and pan card

Once you have these requirements fulfilled you can first select the products, check rates and Place order with Wellgo Pharmaceuticals. A Customer manager will contact you and verify all your details. After verification and explaining terms and conditions, You will be given a Proforma Invoice and bank details. You can pay by Credit card, Debit card or by bank. As soon as your payment is reflected in our bank, your material will be carefully dispatched with the promotional Material . Our Customer managers will help you in tracking the material.

Terms and conditions will be discussed carefully regarding the breakage, expiry , transportation and Monopoly. Wellgo has a very well defined and set process to start franchise and at the same time it is very easy for our associates to start the business with us.


You can also ask for Pediatric Pharma franchise product range separately if you work in Pediatric Range. Wellgo gives you option from a wide variety of products.