Top 5 PCD companies in India in 2020

Top 5 PCD Companies in India

PCD Pharma companies provide pharmaceutical products to its franchises on monopoly basis to its associates. PCD is short form of Propaganda cum Distribution. These companies work in wide range of products like tablets, capsules, Injections , dry injections etc. They also provide Free promotional material to their associates.

PCD Pharma company also offers an agreement to its associates for monopoly in their region. This is done so that associates of PCD Pharma Franchise companies can work with confidence.

Wellgo Pharmaceuticals is presenting a list of Top 5 PCD Pharma companies in India in 2020. Criteria of selecting these companies:-

a) Customer Service and support

b) Packing and design of material

c) Feedback from PCD Associates

Wellgo Pharmaceuticals

Wellgo Pharmaceuticals is a pharmaceutical company , with its corporate office in Chandigarh. They are one of the best and fastest growing PCD companies in India. They have unmatched customer support and Packing quality. Their products are WHO-GMP certified and their focus is customer satisfaction at any cost.

They have full range like – Tablets, capsules, Injections, Dry-Injections, Dry-syrups, Syrups, Capsules, Soft-gel capsules etc.


V Care Biotech is a company based in Delhi. They also have offices in Delhi and Banglore. It is a good company which is focused on providing affordable pharmaceutical products in India.


Ambit Bio Medix offers PCD Pharma franchise to its associates. Its aim is to improve quality of life providing best pharmaceutical products. It has grown very quickly and known as a premium quality pharma company in India.


Cu-Card is maintaining a leading position in global market by providing best quality medicines. They promote WHO-GMP certified products to ensure the quality for their pharma associates.

Zubit healthcare

Zubit Lifecare is a manufacturing and marketing company. They are in market for almost 20 years . Zubit has its office in Ahmedabad. They are a PAN India Presence company. Their distributors are all over the country. Their vision is to provide quality medicines at affordable prices.

Top 5 PCD companies
top 5 pcd companies

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