Linezolid Tablets

Linezolid tablets

Linezolid tablets are antibiotic tablets used to treat many bacterial infections. It works by inhibiting the growth of bacteria in body and its main usage is in treating bacterial infections. It is not used for any other type of infections like Viral Infections example flu or cold. It should not be used if there is no requirement as in that case the medicine may not work for infections when used in future. Linezolid is in the category of MAO inhibitors. Linezolid also increases levels of dopamine, serotonin etc which can then have some side-effects in body.

Linezolid tablets
Linezolid tablets

How to Use Linezolid tablets ?

After consultation with doctor Linezolid can be taken Orally as per doctors recommendation. Most of the times it is taken 2 times a day and the dosage of medicine is decided by the doctor. Doctor may change the dosage of medicine for children as per the weight and age of child, also as per the condition of child and infection.

Doctor may also provide a special diet for the patient to avoid any side effect. Doctor may limit your intake of thiamine to avoid high blood pressure. Doctor may also recommend to control or avoid the foods rich in thiamine including but not limited to aged meat, fish, some beverages, some type of cheese, red wine etc. Doctor in consultation with dietitian may recommend special diet plan for you for best results when using Linezolid tablets or treatment.

Patient should take the medicine strictly after consultation and prescription of Doctor. One should not stop the medicine before full course otherwise the infection may return and there can be problems.

Precautions when taking Linezolid tablets

First point which has to be checked before taking Linezolid tablets is that there should be no allergies to linezolid. Patient should explain to doctor of all the allergies he or she has , so that doctor can analyze which effect Linezolid can have on patient.

Patient should explain his or her history to doctor in detail. Any condition like high blood pressure, bone marrow issues, some tumors, thyroid or seizures should be explained to doctor in details. All these conditions have to be in knowledge of the doctor before he prescribes you Linezolid.

In many cases it has been observed that this medicine makes the patient dizzy, If you also take alcohol , you may avoid it as it will make you dizzier. Patient should avoid any work where risk is involved like, driving , work in a factory etc. Avoid taking alcohol after taking Linezolid tablets.

For diabetic patients, it has also been observed that Linezolid tablets decrease the level of sugar. Doctor may direct you to check your level of sugar in blood regularly. You may also share your blood sugar levels with doctor regularly or as per the recommendation of doctor. If you are taking Linezolid tablets and experience low blood sugar level, fast heart beat, anxiety shaking and blurred vision, you should immediately inform your doctor and he may change or adjust your medication as per your condition and requirement.

Linezolid may interact some type of medicines like anti-virals so strict consultation of doctor my be taken before taking any such medicine or vaccination.

Linezolid 600 tablets
Linezolid 600 tablets

Your doctor should know this

When a doctor prescribes Linezolid tablets to you, be very sure in letting the doctor know about the medications you have taken in the last 14 days before you start this MAO inhibitor to avoid any dangerous drug interaction. Also tell your doctor you have any of these:

  • high blood pressure
  • kidney or liver disease
  • a thyroid disorder
  • diabetes
  • a carcinoma tumor
  • if you use a catheter
  • weak immune system or any auto-immune disease
  • pheochromocytoma
  • bone marrow suppression
  • or seizures

Also let the doctor know if you are pregnant or breastfeeding or underwent any recent surgeries.

Side Effects Of Linezolid Tablets

Linezolid tablets usually have the above mentioned side effects and along with those some unwanted effects may also occur. Please check the list below and if you have any of these side effects, consult the doctor immideately.


  • fast heartbeat
  • vision problems, changes in color vision
  • diarrhea
  • trouble breathing
  • dizziness
  • unusual bruising or bleeding
  • fever or chills
  • unusual confusion or hallucinations tiredness or weakness
  • trouble breathing or fainting
  • rash or pale skin


  • severe stomach ache or constipation or black, tarry or blood in stools
  • sores, ulcers, or white spots on lips or in mouth or bleeding gums
  • painful or difficult or decreased or blood in urine
  • bluish lips or skin or red spots on skin
  • body aches, muscle pain or cramps
  • dryness or soreness of the throat, mouth or cough or hoarseness
  • increased thirst or change or loss of voice
  • nausea or vomiting of blood or undigested material
  • irregular heartbeat
  • ear congestion
  • stuffy, runny nose or sneezing
  • loss of appetite or trouble swallowing or swollen glands

Linezolid Tablets by Wellgo Pharmaceuticals

Brand name – LINZWEL-600

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