PCD Pharma companies are one of the upcoming and famous businesses in Pharmaceutical segment of India. At present there are many small to mid sized pharma segment companies in India. These companies are playing a very important role in logistics and distribution of many important pharmaceutical products. At Many places these PCD companies have helped in improving the supply chain by organizing the segment.

PCD Pharma company India
PCD Pharma company India

Today PCD Pharma company in India is a common and well known name in Pharmaceutical industry. Following are some points which are beneficial for India Pharma market and businessmen :-

a) Opportunity for New EntrantsPCD pharma companies have given a lot of opportunities to new and budding businessmen. PCD company is a handy opportunity for many businessmen who want to start a business at a low investment. These businessmen can now work directly with the company which in result give them better margins.

b) Price benefits Driven by competition – As the number of companies are growing they want to reach out to more customers and this is bringing more and more competition among them. Direct benefits of this if taken by Customers , as they now get products at a much lesser price than earlier.  Customers profitably is increasing with time.

c) Improvement in Overall service levels – More competition always leads to betterment of service levels like, better customer handling, increase in professionalism, improvement in quality of product and timely delivery etc. PCD companies can not afford to have lower service levels as the competition is tough.

d) Better growth Opportunities because of Monopoly based Distribution – End customer / Wholesaler or Associates , now get the product at a monopoly condition. For all the serious associates this is an excellent facility because they can now move with a confidence in their area. As they have the control over the supply of brands.

PCD companies have now improved the whole ecosystem and at a broader level impacted the Pharmaceutical industry as a whole.


a) How to take PCD Pharma franchise

b) Wellgo – Company Profile




Times were tough in last year for many businesses but Pharma companies were able to maintain a decent growth and sustainability. More importantly PCD pharma companies were also able to perform in these tough times, hence we can say it is very safe to be in pharma space and start this business in your area. Many of our customers were able to grow their business in their particular locations.


PCD PHarma franchise
PCD PHarma franchise

It is always advisable to work with best PCD Pharma company in India as a good company will provide you with :-

  1. Best Rates
  2. Attractive Packing
  3. Excellent customers service
  4. Timely Delivery
  5. After sales support
  6. DCGI approved molecules

There are may PCD companies in India but you can select Best PCD company in India like Wellgo Pharmaceuticals by checking it on the above criteria.

Wellgo Pharma is based in Chandigarh and is operating for over 6 years. It has over 250 products and is available. Experienced team of wellgo pharma is working with over 300 associates all over country .

PCD pharma franchise segment has noticed a good growth in business and if you are looking to start Pharma business with a  reputed company you should call right away at 8288899202.

Best PCD companies will provide you with prompt response and share its products details.

Requirements to work with Best PCD company :-

a) Valid Drug Liscence

b) Valid GST or PAN Card

c) Finance

d) Product Knowledge

e) Market Estimation

If you have above things ready with you , no one can stop you from establishing a successful business. You should just select a PCD company and start working .

For more details you can call us at 8288899202.


Indian Pharmaceutical industry is on a growth path for a very long time. Not Only in domestic market but Indian Pharma companies are growing globally as well. Covid19 has proved that Pharmaceutical segment is one of the best segment to be in, as the business is safe even in worst times. In Pharmaceutical Segment PCD pharma company is also a very good opportunity to grab. In a PCD company, the associates take products and support from the parent PCD company and promotes its products in the allotted area.

There are numerous number of ways to market a PCD company and best of them are listed below.

  1. Right Product Mix – First step to promote a PCD company successfully , is to select the right product. The product should be selected on the basis of your experience in market, Doctor network you have, Major ailments in your area, kind of hospitals you have around you. This will help you in promotion of your business after you start. It will also help you in short and long term sales strategy for your business.
  2. Key Points analysis – For marketing PCD company in your area you have to understand and analyze key points which affect sales and product movement in your area. Major is price sensitivity in your area. This will help you in understand how much margin you will make and you can take proper profit estimate you can make in your area.
  3. Choosing best PCD company  –  There are many PCD companies but you have to select Best PCD company as per your requirements. A company with good management and supportive attitude is all you need. You can see the packing types they are offering , promotional support available, behavior and cooperation of staff. Choosing BEST company for you is the most important step as pcd business is a long term business. There will be many situations where you will need help from the company and right attitude of company will matter to you at that time.

So we can conclude that the most important role is played by the company in your sales, you should work very hard on first 2 factors but, the company and behavior will be the most important factor which will help you in  promoting your sales.


PCD Pharma business opportunity in India.

PCD Pharma company In India - Wellgo Pharmaceuticals. Wellgo is one of the most trusted PCD companies in India with over 200 happy and growing business associates all over India. Wellgo Pharma as achieved new heights in quality and customer service in PCD pharma space in India. Wellgo pharma aims to bring quality medicines at affordable prices to general public. We introduced quality and affordability to newer markets with our wide range of certified pharma products. All Pharma professionals, and businessmen are invited to get in touch with us in regard to this business opportunity. Our PCD pharma company has a vision of reaching the last mile with the help of our associates.

It is our silent goal that we help a common man by providing him quality medicines at an affordable price. Our associates help us in achieving this aim. We have reached over 250 districts in India with a vision to reach every Indian. We would also like to thank our associates, because of which our products are available to the common man in their area. There are many young professionals and businessmen associated with us, these people help us in expanding our business. This is the reason our associates are given a monopoly in their business areas. Our unique business model and monopolized approach has helped many associates in growing their business. We at Wellgo Pharma maintain a high level of ethical and professional standard.

We invite new pharma professionals to associates with us by connecting at 8288899202, 8054587808 or via email at


Pregabalin Notrypline

Be our PCD franchise business Partner

With our vision and handwork we have made enough presence in country. We are a nam known for the quality of products and result which our associates get from our products. All our products are DCGI approved. Our products are WHO-GMP, ISO, GMP and GLP certified. Our manufacturers maintain a very high level of quality so that the patient gets best results. Our wide range of products Help our business associates in Increasing their business. Our product manages are working hard 24X7 to bring out the best quality products to the market. Not on the quality and result of product, but Packing and presentation is also taken care, Our Wide range of products contain.

  1. Tablets
  2. Capsules
  3. Injections
  4. Syrups
  5. Softgel capsules
  6. Dry Injections
  7. Dry Syrup
  8. Herbal / Ayurvedic
  9. Nutraceuticals
  10. Ointments
  11. Oils and Gels

Locations for PCD pharma franchise.

Wellgo Pharma is offering PCD pharma opportunities to its associates so that quality and affordable medicines reach to people who need it.  Wellgo Pharma is offering opportunities to the people of following states.

  • Punjab
  • Karnataka
  • Jammu and Kashmir
  • Mizoram
  • Meghalaya
  • Arunachal Pradesh
  • Assam
  • Uttar Pradesh
  • Gujarat
  • Delhi

If you are a young professional of a businessman seeking opportunity, feel free to contact us at - 8288899202.




What is PCD Pharma company.

PCD means propaganda cum distribution and a PCD pharma company is a company dealing in Pharmaceutical products and providing Marketing support to its associates. These companies provide products with its brand on a monopoly basis. By Monopoly it means that the products with those specific brands will be available to only one person in a particular location. This business model offers a lot of options in product range and promotional support to its associates.

PCD Pharma company India

How PCD pharma company Operates ?

As mentioned above a PCD Pharma company offers its products on monopoly basis. Below it is mentioned that how it operates.

  • A PCD company and its associates agree on a mutual agreement about the Monopoly Rights of company in a particular region, Product range it will work in and conditions like sale etc to meet monopoly requirements.
  • Marketing and distribution rights are offered to associates based on the sale they commit and investment they are making.
  • Business associates may or may not conduct any on ground activities for the promotion of business. Proper marketing study is done by marketing associates based on their research or Previous experience.
  • When these activities are conducted , it is expected that all moral and ethical rules are followed considering the reputation of PCD Pharma company.PCD Pharma company India

Why and When to start PCD Franchise in your area?

There can be many reasons to start a new business. We will assume that you are motivated enough to start the business and we will discuss only technical aspects of this question. You can start a PCD franchise in your area if the answers to following questions is YES.

  1. Do you have capital ?
  2. Do you have product knowledge ?
  3. Do you have Drug license ?
  4. Do you have market ready ?

If answer to the questions above is YES, you can start with Best PCD company like Wellgo Pharma.

If you have any questions or concerns about this business you can feel free to call at 8288899202 and start work with us.


8 Tips to select Best pediatric PCD company

If you are planning to select a PCD pharma franchise company in pediatric range it can be a very challenging and consuming task. Today market is stuffed with Pediatric PCD companies and many are good among them. You can start by studying Top 10 Pediatric PCD companies in India. It is important to do proper research about the market and companies, before select any Pediatric PCD franchise. Below we have mentioned a few points which you can follow when selecting the best Pediatric company for you.

Name of the company

The saying ‘ what is in the name’ is not valid here. Name is a very important aspect of a PCD devision. Good name always help in promotion of company on ground. You should look at following aspect when selecting a company, Name should be easy to recall, Simple to pronounce and easy to understand. You will have to speak the name multiple times in front of doctor and retailers, Easier it is , easier your job is. In your area you will be known by the name of your company, so the Pediatric PCD company which you will select should have all the qualities mentioned above.

Product Range of pediatric PCD company

Check product range of PCD Pediatric company properly, A company might not have a lot of products but you should focus on what are your plans/requirements at the moment and availability with company. You can also discuss what are future plan for range increase of company. This will also help in understanding how you can grow in coming times. It is not important that company has a very wide range, but it is important that it should fulfill your requirements at the moment.

Below you can find Range of Wellgo Pharma pediatrics, for latest range you can contact us at 8288899202.


Product packing and designs

Product packing and design are the face of company, The product should be presentable and appealing. Ion case of pediatric Products Packing and designs are very important. Attractive designs with good quality packing materials are very very important.

Easy brand names

Brand names are as important as Company Name, Every pediatric Product has a unique brand name and these names should also be simple to remember. As for company name, brand name should also have high recall value.

Stock Availability

When selecting a Pediatric Pharma franchise company check availability of products. Once products are running Products should not be short as they will effect you sales in a negative way. Apart from company you should also try to maintain some stock at your end and plan your order accordingly. It is also pertinent to take lead time to deliver in account. You can check with company which products are in stock at the moment.

Promotional Material

Promotional material is required to promote the product in market. There are various types of promotional materials available to introduce and promote the product in market, example Bag, Visual Aid, LBL, reminder card, Doctor Pad, product card, pen pack, Catch covers etc. You should check these promotional materials and their look, as they are your tools on ground.

Monopoly Rights

Rights given to a single person to sell product is known as monopoly and they are make or break your business of Pharma franchise. Once you have no competition you can promote the brand and avoid any competition. You can easily work hard and invest money  in your business as in long run you will be the only one in the area with company’s products. Check properly with your PCD franchise company about these rights.

Payment Mode and Terms

Any business transaction is incomplete without a payment, so check what are the terms and conditions for payments. What payment modes are available. You can also check what benefits you can get in long term in these areas.  You should clear all your doubts with company and proceed only after that.

Wellgo Pharmaceuticals is a PCD pharma franchise company and it also has a full range of Pediatrics products. if you are facing any issues in selecting a PCD company in Pediatric range feel free to contact us at 8288899202.

Head Office – Chandigarh (U.T.)



Linezolid tablets

Linezolid tablets are antibiotic tablets used to treat many bacterial infections. It works by inhibiting the growth of bacteria in body and its main usage is in treating bacterial infections. It is not used for any other type of infections like Viral Infections example flu or cold. It should not be used if there is no requirement as in that case the medicine may not work for infections when used in future. Linezolid is in the category of MAO inhibitors. Linezolid also increases levels of dopamine, serotonin etc which can then have some side-effects in body.

Linezolid tablets
Linezolid tablets

How to Use Linezolid tablets ?

After consultation with doctor Linezolid can be taken Orally as per doctors recommendation. Most of the times it is taken 2 times a day and the dosage of medicine is decided by the doctor. Doctor may change the dosage of medicine for children as per the weight and age of child, also as per the condition of child and infection.

Doctor may also provide a special diet for the patient to avoid any side effect. Doctor may limit your intake of thiamine to avoid high blood pressure. Doctor may also recommend to control or avoid the foods rich in thiamine including but not limited to aged meat, fish, some beverages, some type of cheese, red wine etc. Doctor in consultation with dietitian may recommend special diet plan for you for best results when using Linezolid tablets or treatment.

Patient should take the medicine strictly after consultation and prescription of Doctor. One should not stop the medicine before full course otherwise the infection may return and there can be problems.

Precautions when taking Linezolid tablets

First point which has to be checked before taking Linezolid tablets is that there should be no allergies to linezolid. Patient should explain to doctor of all the allergies he or she has , so that doctor can analyze which effect Linezolid can have on patient.

Patient should explain his or her history to doctor in detail. Any condition like high blood pressure, bone marrow issues, some tumors, thyroid or seizures should be explained to doctor in details. All these conditions have to be in knowledge of the doctor before he prescribes you Linezolid.

In many cases it has been observed that this medicine makes the patient dizzy, If you also take alcohol , you may avoid it as it will make you dizzier. Patient should avoid any work where risk is involved like, driving , work in a factory etc. Avoid taking alcohol after taking Linezolid tablets.

For diabetic patients, it has also been observed that Linezolid tablets decrease the level of sugar. Doctor may direct you to check your level of sugar in blood regularly. You may also share your blood sugar levels with doctor regularly or as per the recommendation of doctor. If you are taking Linezolid tablets and experience low blood sugar level, fast heart beat, anxiety shaking and blurred vision, you should immediately inform your doctor and he may change or adjust your medication as per your condition and requirement.

Linezolid may interact some type of medicines like anti-virals so strict consultation of doctor my be taken before taking any such medicine or vaccination.

Linezolid 600 tablets
Linezolid 600 tablets

Your doctor should know this

When a doctor prescribes Linezolid tablets to you, be very sure in letting the doctor know about the medications you have taken in the last 14 days before you start this MAO inhibitor to avoid any dangerous drug interaction. Also tell your doctor you have any of these:

  • high blood pressure
  • kidney or liver disease
  • a thyroid disorder
  • diabetes
  • a carcinoma tumor
  • if you use a catheter
  • weak immune system or any auto-immune disease
  • pheochromocytoma
  • bone marrow suppression
  • or seizures

Also let the doctor know if you are pregnant or breastfeeding or underwent any recent surgeries.

Side Effects Of Linezolid Tablets

Linezolid tablets usually have the above mentioned side effects and along with those some unwanted effects may also occur. Please check the list below and if you have any of these side effects, consult the doctor immideately.


  • fast heartbeat
  • vision problems, changes in color vision
  • diarrhea
  • trouble breathing
  • dizziness
  • unusual bruising or bleeding
  • fever or chills
  • unusual confusion or hallucinations tiredness or weakness
  • trouble breathing or fainting
  • rash or pale skin


  • severe stomach ache or constipation or black, tarry or blood in stools
  • sores, ulcers, or white spots on lips or in mouth or bleeding gums
  • painful or difficult or decreased or blood in urine
  • bluish lips or skin or red spots on skin
  • body aches, muscle pain or cramps
  • dryness or soreness of the throat, mouth or cough or hoarseness
  • increased thirst or change or loss of voice
  • nausea or vomiting of blood or undigested material
  • irregular heartbeat
  • ear congestion
  • stuffy, runny nose or sneezing
  • loss of appetite or trouble swallowing or swollen glands

Linezolid Tablets by Wellgo Pharmaceuticals

Brand name – LINZWEL-600

Compositon – Linezolid 600

Packing – 10X 1 X 10

MRP – 3600/-

Please contact Wellgo Pharmaceuticals at 8288899202 or email at for more details.



If you are a Pharma professional or a Marketing executive in Pharmaceutical sales and planning to start your own business in Pharma industry you have reached at right place. If you are wondering if you should start the business or not go through the blog and you will have your answers. Even if you dont have a very long experience in Pharmaceutical industry you can start your business with best pcd pharma franchise company and grow. Following are the reasons why you should start with a Pcd business and quit your MR job.

Control over operations

Once you start your business you will have total control over the finance and operations of your business. You can build your own strategies and whatever profit you make will be yours. Your business decisions will be independent and you can benefit from them at most. You will also have a full control over the time of your working and area you want to cover. This control in operations will help you in growing.

Work at your Location

When you start your own business you dont have to move to different location as per company policy. You can select your area as per your location and work accordingly. This way you can give more time to family also. Pharma PCD business gives you an opportunity to work in your area and earn without taking much pressure. When you work in your area You can also make payment collection easily. If you have a group of 40-50 doctors you can easily start your Pharma Franchise business in your area.

PCD Pharma franchise company India
PCD Pharma franchise company India

Decision Making Authority

When you take your own PCD Pharma franchise company in your area and work for it. You will have full decision making authority. You will not have to listen to your boss or company and all the right decisions you want to make, you can make as per your choice. You will be full decision making authority in your business. Example- you can provide all schemes and discounts to your choice of doctors without taking any approval. These decisions will give you benefit directly.

Set your Own targets

When you start your Pharma business in PCD Franchise you can set your own targets as per your budget and working capacity. You can also have more targets like when do u want to have an office  or when do u want to expand your team. These targets will give you a push to work. And because they are your own targets you will work with double energy towards it.

So based on above factors you should go for your own PCD pharma franchise business in India.

If you want to know more about TOP 10 PCD Pharma companies in India you can visit our blog and know more about it.


Wellgo Pharmaceuticals


502 – MM- Chandigarh




If you have planned to start a new business in Pharmaceutical sector by taking PCD Pharma franchise or you are planning to add a PCD division in your Pharma business portfolio, Congratulations , You are at right place. PCD Pharma franchise business is one of the best and low investment business for right person. Wellgo Pharma is offering top 5 Points, by which you can select Best PCD Pharma Franchise company for you.

5 Tips to select Best PCD company

  1. Packing Design and Quality – As the saying goes ‘ Jo Dikhta hai wo bikta hai ” Packing design and colors matters a lot. Attractive packing is one of the requirements to select a PCD company. If the products are presentable, both Doctors and chemists will give importance to you product, latest designs and right selection of colors is important for the presentation of products. Below is an example of a good design and color combination.
    CEfpodoxime 200 tablets
    CEfpodoxime 200 tablets

    Apart from packing design and color, the Quality of carton and paper used is also very important. Carton should be good quality and should have enough strength. This is also important for syrup cartons.

  2. Efficacy and Results – If you have to grow in Pharmaceutical Industry, one of the most important point is the Efficacy and result of products. Now how can you know about the efficacy of products. You should ask about various Certifications of manufacturers. Some certifications which you can check are – GMP certification, GLP certification, WHO-GMP certification, ISO Certification, EU GMP certification. These certifications will give you confidence that the products are of good quality and efficacy.
  3. Customer service and support – In long term business with a PCD company, Customer service and support is very important for your growth. There are many points when you need support of staff, like in transportation issue, material tracking. So you should talk to staff and have an estimate that how supportive they are. Good support and service from staff, prompt response will help you in growing in longer run.

    PCD Pharma franchise company
    PCD Pharma franchise company
  4. Management Cooperation – If you are planning a longe term business with a PCD Pharma franchise company, you should have proper support fo management. For that before finalizing the order you should to talk to the senior management of company. This will help you in understanding their ethics and priorities. Management cooperation is required for a PCD Pharma franchise long term business.
  5. Clarity in Terms and Monopoly – You should have proper discussion with the staff and management for the monopoly for your area. All long term discussion regarding transportation, credit, Monopoly should be discussed beforehand.

These are 5 tips which will help you in selecting the right PCD Pharma company for you and help you in Growing your business.

For any details you can call us at 8288899202 .


PCD Pharma franchise distributors are of various types. They can be categorized on the basis of the products range they are promoting or on the basis of number of PCD companies they are managing. These PCD distributors are very important for supply chain of medicines in India as they take care of Last mile delivery and their target is Sub-urban or Rural area many times. They take PCD Pharma company for their area and distribute goods as per the prescription they are generating.

Best PCD Pharma franchise companies in INdia

Single Party Distributor

Single party Pharma distributor is generally a single person or a very small group of persons who take Pharma franchise from a company and promote it in their respective areas. These distributors work with Very few channels to market their products. They market the drugs ethically to their channels by taking goods in PCD from a PCD company.

Multiple Party Pharma distributors

These are big distributors who generally have a team. These Pharma distributors work on a large range and work with Various PCD Pharma companies. They work with multiple Franchises and distribute the goods in their State or District at a large scale with the help of their team. Their way of marketing is different from single party and they cover a large area. Their are many multiple Party PCD Pharma distributors in India.

One can also categorize the Distributors as per the Range they are working in, example :-

  1. General category Pharma distributors
  2. Pediatric PCD pharma distributors
  3. Gyne PCD distributors
  4. Cardio Diabetic Pharma distributors.

Choose your PCD company carefully, as it is a long term decision and your business growth is dependent on it. One should do proper  research about the companies and check them on all criteria before finalizing any company. You can also check Top 5 PCD Pharma franchise companies in India.

For long term business growth proper research about company and management is a must.

If you are planning to start your PCD business. You can contact us at 8288899202 and we will sort out all your queries.


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