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Pediatric is the branch of medicine that deals with children and their diseases. Since children have low immunity and are much prone to diseases than an adult, it is very important to give them the best care they deserve. For total care of children’s health, we make sure that all the medicines are manufactured from WHO-GMP plant only. It is our utmost priority to provide best quality medicines to the children who are the future of this country and on whose strong shoulders our nation’s development resides. A child’s good health is very important for his/hers best physical, mental and emotional development in the ages to come. Children need to be nurtured well and whenever they are sick, they should immediately be taken to a good doctor to ensure best treatment in the earliest possible time frame. Only a healthy child can grow up to become a responsible citizen of the country. Keeping this in mind, Wellgo Pharmaceuticals launched a complete Pediatric range for the PCD Franchise owners of this company.

Best Pediatric Pharma company
Best Pediatric Pharma company

Wellgo Pharmaceuticals is the best Pediatric Pharma Company in Chandigarh .The Company provides complete range of the pediatric products in all forms:

  1. Dry Syrup
  2. Syrups
  3. Suspensions
  4. Drops
  5. Tablets
  6. Injections
  7. Ointments

The segments covered in the Pediatric range are:

  • Analgesics & NSAID’s
  • Multivitamins & Antioxidants
  • Antibiotics
  • Antihistamine

Best in class quality of the products along with the attractive packaging helps our Pediatric PCD Franchise owners to create and grow their market share. It is important for every PCD Franchise owner to be catered with the complete range of products along with the necessary promotional materials. Wellgo Pharmaceuticals not only provides what every other PCD Pharma company offers but also helps in growing the business on an individual manner. Anyone who is planning to get a PCD franchise should always consider that the road down the business line is a little tough and in this if the company owner lends a helping hand then it is a huge opportunity to be taken into consideration.

What makes WELLGO PHARMACEUTICALS Best Pediatric Pharma Company in Chandigarh:

  • MONOPOLY RIGHTS: We offer monopoly rights to the parties so as there will be no other competitor in the same area for our brand which makes the marketing and sales easy.
  • Quality products: Since most of our products are manufactured in the WHO-GMP certified facilities, the efficacy of the product is totally up to the mark.
  • Attractive Packaging: To increase the shelf life of the products, minimize wear & tear of products during transportation & to attract clientele with the look & feel of the product, we provide superior & attractive packaging of the products.
  • Appetite of growth: For any business to flourish in minimal amount of time one needs to have appetite for growth and Wellgo Pharmaceuticals go by this motto. This is why we remain in touch with our PCD franchise owners and fulfill their requirements of new products to be launched in the market.
  • Promotional Support: We provide our customers with necessary promotional material like pen, diaries, bag, visual aid, other gifts, etc free of cost to help in the promotion of the product with the retailers and doctors all the same. Apart from that the company provides strategies & marketing tools to the franchise owners which help them in getting in touch with their potential clients with confidence & existing clients with vigor.

All the pharma professionals, the ones already in business & the ones planning to start a new one must choose the Pediatric Pharma Franchise as it is high in demand these days. With Covid-19 pandemic, the concern towards children’s health has increased manifold. The time has proven that only good health can sail us through the times of the pandemic. Children are most dear to everyone around them, this is why best of the medicines by Wellgo Pharmaceuticals should be provided to gain health after sickness in least possible time. Join hands with us to let the quality speak for you!

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8 Tips to select Best pediatric PCD company

If you are planning to select a PCD pharma franchise company in pediatric range it can be a very challenging and consuming task. Today market is stuffed with Pediatric PCD companies and many are good among them. You can start by studying Top 10 Pediatric PCD companies in India. It is important to do proper research about the market and companies, before select any Pediatric PCD franchise. Below we have mentioned a few points which you can follow when selecting the best Pediatric company for you.

Name of the company

The saying ‘ what is in the name’ is not valid here. Name is a very important aspect of a PCD devision. Good name always help in promotion of company on ground. You should look at following aspect when selecting a company, Name should be easy to recall, Simple to pronounce and easy to understand. You will have to speak the name multiple times in front of doctor and retailers, Easier it is , easier your job is. In your area you will be known by the name of your company, so the Pediatric PCD company which you will select should have all the qualities mentioned above.

Product Range of pediatric PCD company

Check product range of PCD Pediatric company properly, A company might not have a lot of products but you should focus on what are your plans/requirements at the moment and availability with company. You can also discuss what are future plan for range increase of company. This will also help in understanding how you can grow in coming times. It is not important that company has a very wide range, but it is important that it should fulfill your requirements at the moment.

Below you can find Range of Wellgo Pharma pediatrics, for latest range you can contact us at 8288899202.


Product packing and designs

Product packing and design are the face of company, The product should be presentable and appealing. Ion case of pediatric Products Packing and designs are very important. Attractive designs with good quality packing materials are very very important.

Easy brand names

Brand names are as important as Company Name, Every pediatric Product has a unique brand name and these names should also be simple to remember. As for company name, brand name should also have high recall value.

Stock Availability

When selecting a Pediatric Pharma franchise company check availability of products. Once products are running Products should not be short as they will effect you sales in a negative way. Apart from company you should also try to maintain some stock at your end and plan your order accordingly. It is also pertinent to take lead time to deliver in account. You can check with company which products are in stock at the moment.

Promotional Material

Promotional material is required to promote the product in market. There are various types of promotional materials available to introduce and promote the product in market, example Bag, Visual Aid, LBL, reminder card, Doctor Pad, product card, pen pack, Catch covers etc. You should check these promotional materials and their look, as they are your tools on ground.

Monopoly Rights

Rights given to a single person to sell product is known as monopoly and they are make or break your business of Pharma franchise. Once you have no competition you can promote the brand and avoid any competition. You can easily work hard and invest money  in your business as in long run you will be the only one in the area with company’s products. Check properly with your PCD franchise company about these rights.

Payment Mode and Terms

Any business transaction is incomplete without a payment, so check what are the terms and conditions for payments. What payment modes are available. You can also check what benefits you can get in long term in these areas.  You should clear all your doubts with company and proceed only after that.

Wellgo Pharmaceuticals is a PCD pharma franchise company and it also has a full range of Pediatrics products. if you are facing any issues in selecting a PCD company in Pediatric range feel free to contact us at 8288899202.

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Linezolid tablets

Linezolid tablets are antibiotic tablets used to treat many bacterial infections. It works by inhibiting the growth of bacteria in body and its main usage is in treating bacterial infections. It is not used for any other type of infections like Viral Infections example flu or cold. It should not be used if there is no requirement as in that case the medicine may not work for infections when used in future. Linezolid is in the category of MAO inhibitors. Linezolid also increases levels of dopamine, serotonin etc which can then have some side-effects in body.

Linezolid tablets
Linezolid tablets

How to Use Linezolid tablets ?

After consultation with doctor Linezolid can be taken Orally as per doctors recommendation. Most of the times it is taken 2 times a day and the dosage of medicine is decided by the doctor. Doctor may change the dosage of medicine for children as per the weight and age of child, also as per the condition of child and infection.

Doctor may also provide a special diet for the patient to avoid any side effect. Doctor may limit your intake of thiamine to avoid high blood pressure. Doctor may also recommend to control or avoid the foods rich in thiamine including but not limited to aged meat, fish, some beverages, some type of cheese, red wine etc. Doctor in consultation with dietitian may recommend special diet plan for you for best results when using Linezolid tablets or treatment.

Patient should take the medicine strictly after consultation and prescription of Doctor. One should not stop the medicine before full course otherwise the infection may return and there can be problems.

Precautions when taking Linezolid tablets

First point which has to be checked before taking Linezolid tablets is that there should be no allergies to linezolid. Patient should explain to doctor of all the allergies he or she has , so that doctor can analyze which effect Linezolid can have on patient.

Patient should explain his or her history to doctor in detail. Any condition like high blood pressure, bone marrow issues, some tumors, thyroid or seizures should be explained to doctor in details. All these conditions have to be in knowledge of the doctor before he prescribes you Linezolid.

In many cases it has been observed that this medicine makes the patient dizzy, If you also take alcohol , you may avoid it as it will make you dizzier. Patient should avoid any work where risk is involved like, driving , work in a factory etc. Avoid taking alcohol after taking Linezolid tablets.

For diabetic patients, it has also been observed that Linezolid tablets decrease the level of sugar. Doctor may direct you to check your level of sugar in blood regularly. You may also share your blood sugar levels with doctor regularly or as per the recommendation of doctor. If you are taking Linezolid tablets and experience low blood sugar level, fast heart beat, anxiety shaking and blurred vision, you should immediately inform your doctor and he may change or adjust your medication as per your condition and requirement.

Linezolid may interact some type of medicines like anti-virals so strict consultation of doctor my be taken before taking any such medicine or vaccination.

Linezolid 600 tablets
Linezolid 600 tablets

Your doctor should know this

When a doctor prescribes Linezolid tablets to you, be very sure in letting the doctor know about the medications you have taken in the last 14 days before you start this MAO inhibitor to avoid any dangerous drug interaction. Also tell your doctor you have any of these:

  • high blood pressure
  • kidney or liver disease
  • a thyroid disorder
  • diabetes
  • a carcinoma tumor
  • if you use a catheter
  • weak immune system or any auto-immune disease
  • pheochromocytoma
  • bone marrow suppression
  • or seizures

Also let the doctor know if you are pregnant or breastfeeding or underwent any recent surgeries.

Side Effects Of Linezolid Tablets

Linezolid tablets usually have the above mentioned side effects and along with those some unwanted effects may also occur. Please check the list below and if you have any of these side effects, consult the doctor immideately.


  • fast heartbeat
  • vision problems, changes in color vision
  • diarrhea
  • trouble breathing
  • dizziness
  • unusual bruising or bleeding
  • fever or chills
  • unusual confusion or hallucinations tiredness or weakness
  • trouble breathing or fainting
  • rash or pale skin


  • severe stomach ache or constipation or black, tarry or blood in stools
  • sores, ulcers, or white spots on lips or in mouth or bleeding gums
  • painful or difficult or decreased or blood in urine
  • bluish lips or skin or red spots on skin
  • body aches, muscle pain or cramps
  • dryness or soreness of the throat, mouth or cough or hoarseness
  • increased thirst or change or loss of voice
  • nausea or vomiting of blood or undigested material
  • irregular heartbeat
  • ear congestion
  • stuffy, runny nose or sneezing
  • loss of appetite or trouble swallowing or swollen glands

Linezolid Tablets by Wellgo Pharmaceuticals

Brand name – LINZWEL-600

Compositon – Linezolid 600

Packing – 10X 1 X 10

MRP – 3600/-

Please contact Wellgo Pharmaceuticals at 8288899202 or email at for more details.



If you are a Pharma professional or a Marketing executive in Pharmaceutical sales and planning to start your own business in Pharma industry you have reached at right place. If you are wondering if you should start the business or not go through the blog and you will have your answers. Even if you dont have a very long experience in Pharmaceutical industry you can start your business with best pcd pharma franchise company and grow. Following are the reasons why you should start with a Pcd business and quit your MR job.

Control over operations

Once you start your business you will have total control over the finance and operations of your business. You can build your own strategies and whatever profit you make will be yours. Your business decisions will be independent and you can benefit from them at most. You will also have a full control over the time of your working and area you want to cover. This control in operations will help you in growing.

Work at your Location

When you start your own business you dont have to move to different location as per company policy. You can select your area as per your location and work accordingly. This way you can give more time to family also. Pharma PCD business gives you an opportunity to work in your area and earn without taking much pressure. When you work in your area You can also make payment collection easily. If you have a group of 40-50 doctors you can easily start your Pharma Franchise business in your area.

PCD Pharma franchise company India
PCD Pharma franchise company India

Decision Making Authority

When you take your own PCD Pharma franchise company in your area and work for it. You will have full decision making authority. You will not have to listen to your boss or company and all the right decisions you want to make, you can make as per your choice. You will be full decision making authority in your business. Example- you can provide all schemes and discounts to your choice of doctors without taking any approval. These decisions will give you benefit directly.

Set your Own targets

When you start your Pharma business in PCD Franchise you can set your own targets as per your budget and working capacity. You can also have more targets like when do u want to have an office  or when do u want to expand your team. These targets will give you a push to work. And because they are your own targets you will work with double energy towards it.

So based on above factors you should go for your own PCD pharma franchise business in India.

If you want to know more about TOP 10 PCD Pharma companies in India you can visit our blog and know more about it.


Wellgo Pharmaceuticals


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If you have planned to start a new business in Pharmaceutical sector by taking PCD Pharma franchise or you are planning to add a PCD division in your Pharma business portfolio, Congratulations , You are at right place. PCD Pharma franchise business is one of the best and low investment business for right person. Wellgo Pharma is offering top 5 Points, by which you can select Best PCD Pharma Franchise company for you.

5 Tips to select Best PCD company

  1. Packing Design and Quality – As the saying goes ‘ Jo Dikhta hai wo bikta hai ” Packing design and colors matters a lot. Attractive packing is one of the requirements to select a PCD company. If the products are presentable, both Doctors and chemists will give importance to you product, latest designs and right selection of colors is important for the presentation of products. Below is an example of a good design and color combination.
    CEfpodoxime 200 tablets
    CEfpodoxime 200 tablets

    Apart from packing design and color, the Quality of carton and paper used is also very important. Carton should be good quality and should have enough strength. This is also important for syrup cartons.

  2. Efficacy and Results – If you have to grow in Pharmaceutical Industry, one of the most important point is the Efficacy and result of products. Now how can you know about the efficacy of products. You should ask about various Certifications of manufacturers. Some certifications which you can check are – GMP certification, GLP certification, WHO-GMP certification, ISO Certification, EU GMP certification. These certifications will give you confidence that the products are of good quality and efficacy.
  3. Customer service and support – In long term business with a PCD company, Customer service and support is very important for your growth. There are many points when you need support of staff, like in transportation issue, material tracking. So you should talk to staff and have an estimate that how supportive they are. Good support and service from staff, prompt response will help you in growing in longer run.

    PCD Pharma franchise company
    PCD Pharma franchise company
  4. Management Cooperation – If you are planning a longe term business with a PCD Pharma franchise company, you should have proper support fo management. For that before finalizing the order you should to talk to the senior management of company. This will help you in understanding their ethics and priorities. Management cooperation is required for a PCD Pharma franchise long term business.
  5. Clarity in Terms and Monopoly – You should have proper discussion with the staff and management for the monopoly for your area. All long term discussion regarding transportation, credit, Monopoly should be discussed beforehand.

These are 5 tips which will help you in selecting the right PCD Pharma company for you and help you in Growing your business.

For any details you can call us at 8288899202 .


PCD Pharma franchise distributors are of various types. They can be categorized on the basis of the products range they are promoting or on the basis of number of PCD companies they are managing. These PCD distributors are very important for supply chain of medicines in India as they take care of Last mile delivery and their target is Sub-urban or Rural area many times. They take PCD Pharma company for their area and distribute goods as per the prescription they are generating.

Best PCD Pharma franchise companies in INdia

Single Party Distributor

Single party Pharma distributor is generally a single person or a very small group of persons who take Pharma franchise from a company and promote it in their respective areas. These distributors work with Very few channels to market their products. They market the drugs ethically to their channels by taking goods in PCD from a PCD company.

Multiple Party Pharma distributors

These are big distributors who generally have a team. These Pharma distributors work on a large range and work with Various PCD Pharma companies. They work with multiple Franchises and distribute the goods in their State or District at a large scale with the help of their team. Their way of marketing is different from single party and they cover a large area. Their are many multiple Party PCD Pharma distributors in India.

One can also categorize the Distributors as per the Range they are working in, example :-

  1. General category Pharma distributors
  2. Pediatric PCD pharma distributors
  3. Gyne PCD distributors
  4. Cardio Diabetic Pharma distributors.

Choose your PCD company carefully, as it is a long term decision and your business growth is dependent on it. One should do proper  research about the companies and check them on all criteria before finalizing any company. You can also check Top 5 PCD Pharma franchise companies in India.

For long term business growth proper research about company and management is a must.

If you are planning to start your PCD business. You can contact us at 8288899202 and we will sort out all your queries.


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Top 10 Pediatric Pharma franchise companies in India.


Pharma franchise for Pediatric Range, are you looking for top Pediatric PCD pharma company in India, if yes you are at the right place. We are sharing the list of Best Pediatric products companies in India.


India has a huge population of over 130 Crore people and it consists of a large number of children and teens. India is also called a very young country due to its population. In such a huge country with large number of children it is obvious that medicines of children or Pediatric Range of pharma products are in huge demand. As the population of India is growing everyday the demand for Pediatric pharma products is also growing. More and more businessmen and Pharma associates are taking Franchise for Pediatric products to work in this segment. Pediatric segment is growing and profitable also, so we also recommend you to work in Pediatric segment of pharma products.


Point 1 – When you select a Pediatric Pharma franchise company you should be very very specific about the packing, because Children pharma products should be very attractive and good looking .


Example Just Look at the two products packing and design Given below. These products are very very attractive as per the standards of Pediatric products.

Cefpodoxime Dry Syrup and Cefixime Dry Syrup.

Cefpodoxime 50 Mg Dry syrup
Cefpodoxime 50 Mg Dry syrup
Cefixime Dry Syrup
Cefixime Dry Syrup

Both these products have an excellent packing design which looks attractive to Pharma associates and children. Once packing is good it is also Easy to sell these products. Not only the packing is good looking but it should also be of good quality of carton used.

Point 2 – Efficacy and quality of Pediatric Pharma franchise products is of utmost important because the children are extra sensitive to medicines, not only this, it is more difficult for children to explain their problem to doctors and even parents sometimes. In such scenarios the efficacy of quality of products becomes very very important.

Point 3 – Pricing of products is critical for every business and so it is in this one. Genuine Pricing of products is required to earn profit in your business and for this an ethical and honest company is required. Please note that quality should not be compromised for a lower Prices.

Point 4 – Pediatric product Range – it is important to understand that you dont need a lot of products to run your business, you should just have the required range of products and then you can start your business and grow it with the companies. There are companies who have a very large range of products but it is important to understand that all these products are not running so having a very large range of product is not what you should be attracted to but ultimately you should be working in a limited range of running products. Here are images of some Pediatric Range products which should be in your Pediatric Pharma franchise company.

You should observe the products given above, they contain most of the products which you need for starting a successful Pediatric Pharma products business in India.

Top 10 Pediatric Pharma Franchise companies

Based on the Four Points above we are sharing a list of top 10 Pediatric Pharma Franchise companies in India.

  1. Wellgo Pharmaceuticals – With Corporate Office in Chandigarh, Wellgo Pharma is One of the best Pediatric Pharma companies in India. They give you an opportunity to start your Pediatric Pharma business in minimum investment. You can call them now at 8288899202 or Drop a Whatsapp Message to Earn maximum Profit.
Pediatric Pharma Franchise
Pediatric Pharma Franchise company

2. Horizon Biolabs

3. Rudraksh Medicare

4. Eurocare Pedia

5. Magigrow Biocare

6. Hunt lifescience

7. Greater Pediacare

9. Swoosh Lifescience

10. Brunt Labs

All these companies provide Excellent Pediatric Range products and you can start your Pediatric business with any of them. If you are looking for any help in starting your business you can call us at 8288899202 and we will support you in every way possible.

Wellgo Pharmaceuticals also provides PCD Pharma franchise in India. Our dedicated team works 27X7 for the growth of our PCD pharma associates.

Pediatric Pharma franchise
Pediatric Pharma franchise


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PCD companies are companies which provide its branded pharma products to its associates on monopoly basis. These products are marketed and promoted by the associates in their respective areas. It is often asked how to find the Best PCD Pharma franchise company in India ,from so many companies working in PCD pharma industry.

Wellgo Pharmaceuticals guides its associates in becoming best Pharmaceutical distributor in their area. Whenever any associates wants to select a new PCD company, he can check the difference in an normal PCD company and best pcd company by noticing following points.

a) Professional approach of Management and staff  – Staff of a good PCD company is professional and soft-spoken. Their terms and conditions are refined and well-defined. Any commitment they want to do, they will be ready to share it in written and not just verbal commitments. Not only the staff but management of company is also professional and cooperative. Management will be ready to talk to you and answer all your questions with patience.

b) Packing quality and designs – In Pharmaceuticals products packing and designs are very important from presentation and promotion point of view. Best PCD Pharma franchise companies focus on quality of designs and packing very minutely. Before finalizing any company you should observe the designs of PCD pharma products very carefully. Below an example of a good packing is given. This product is not only Good in Design but also have great carton quality. Color combination of products and Quality of box matters a lot.

Aceclofenac Paracetamol Tablets
Aceclofenac Paracetamol Tablets

c) Must have Product Range – Best companies have this product range

  • Tablets
  • capsules
  • Injections
  • Dry Injections
  • Syrups
  • Dry-Syrups
  • Soft-Gel Capsules
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Herbal products
  • Infusions

Whenever you select best PCD company you should look carefully that all this range of products are available in the Company.


d) Monopoly PCD Pharma Franchise  – Best and Ethical PCD pharma companies work on Monopoly basis. Associates should check with the companies about this term and condition. Once sure you can also take a Monopoly PCD agreement based on the sales discussion. This agreement should be given to you by any Reputed PCD company in India.

e) Pricing and MRP – You should study the Pricing and MRP of products you are taking. Best PCD companies finalize their MRPs based on an extensive market study. These MRPs will help you in promoting the products easily in your area. Apart from this pricing of the companies are such that you can compete in market easily. Genuine pricing will help you in your growth of business.

Wellgo Pharmaceuticals is a well known name in PCD pharma industry and we are helping many associates to start their business in their areas. If you are looking for any guidance in starting your business, you can contact us on numbers below. We will try our best to help you.

Wellgo Pharmaceuticals, 8288899202



Top PCD Pharma companies in India 2021

Pharmaceutical industry in India is growing at an impressive pace for last many year. Recent phase of corona pandemic has also proven that pharmaceutical sector is a safe sector and a recession proof sector to be in. India is worlds 3rd largest manufacturer of medicines and is also known as Pharmacy of the world. Drug formulations made in India cover around 60-70% of medicines in world. India has 20 percent of worlds market and a large and respected player in Pharma sector world-wide.

PCD pharma companies are companies which provide its brands to its franchise on monopoly basis. These brands or products are provided to only one associate or distributor in a particular area or district. Associate is known as the Franchise of the company in its area and he/she has full rights to market and promote the PCD products of the parent PCD company.

PCD pharma business is a promising business because it gives a great opportunity to start your business at a very decent investment. The profit margins are healthy and as mentioned earlier, the sector is recession proof.

If you are looking for Top PCD companies of India, your search ends here as Wellgo Pharma is presenting list of Top 10 PCD companies of India 2021.

TOP 10 PCD companies of India - 2021
TOP 10 PCD companies of India – 2021

List of top 10 PCD companies in India.

  1. Wellgo Pharmaceuticals

Wellgo Pharmaceuticals has its head office and godown in Chandigarh and Mohali. They are one of the top 10 PCD companies in India. They have a wide range of products in which you can work. Most of their products are WHO-GMP certified and efficacy and result is 100%.

Wellgo Pharma has a wide range of tablets, capsules, injections, soft-gel capsules, Dry injections, syrups, dry-syrups and infusions etc.

The customer centric approach, high service levels, transparent and honest dealing will help you in growing your business and making maximum profit. You can contact them at 8288899202 and get free knowledge of how to start your PCD company in India.

2. Zota Healthcare

Zota healthcare is a company from Gujrat, they are also one of the oldest PCD companies in India. They work in a wide range of products. They are working in most of the locations in India.

3. Fossil remedies

Fossil remedies is in market for many years. They have a good name in PCD Pharma market and their products have attractive packing. Their ethical approach has helped them in growing quickly in past few years. Their presentation of products is very good.

4. Innovative Pharma

Innovative Pharma is also one of the best PCD companies in India . Their wide range of products and excellent quality has helped them in growing in India. They are known for bringing in new and innovative products to the market and have earned a respectable name in PCD pharma market.

5. Creogenic Pharma

Creogenic pharma is new kid in the town but their aggressive customer support, Innovative products design and Efficacy of products has earned them a name in PCD pharma circles. They are one of the fastest growing PCD pharma companies in India and work in a wide range of products. It is a company run by professionals.

6. Viblip Pharma 

Viblip pharma is leading PCD company if India which works in Neuro and Cardio-diabetic segment. They products are with 100% efficacy and they are also planning to enter into Critical care segment. Viblip pharma is a respectable pharma company in Neuro and Cardio-Diabetic segment.

7. EllanJey Pharma

Ellanjey Pharma is situated in Chandigarh and has captured a large market share in last 3 years. Their strength is their professionalism. Ellanjey is famous for its attractive packing and service levels. It is definitely one of the top 10 pcd companies in India.

8. Irene Pharma

Irene is a leading PCD pharma company from Ahemdabad, Gujrat. They work in Allopathic, Ayurvedic and other prominent sectors. Irene has a wide range of products and work all over India. They deliver your products timely and give great customer support.

9 . RX Biotech

RX biotech is a Delhi based PCD pharma company and they proceed all pcd pharma solutions at one place. They offer monopoly PCD franchise to their customers and Their strength is their professional approach.

10. SPICA lab

Last but not the least, SPICA lab  was established around 2001 with a vision to serve mankind. Their aim is to support for a better tomorrow by providing affordable medicines in India.

Above you have the list of Top 10 PCD pharma companies in India. You can share your feedback with us or contact us at 828889202 for any PCD pharma related queries.

Wellgo Pharmaceuticals


MR JOb or PCD Pharma company

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PCD pharma Franchise company in Bihar – Wellgo Pharmaceuticals has successfully given its Pharma franchise in Bihar to its associates. Wellgo Pharma is a quality conscious, ethical and customer centric PCD pharma company based in Chandigarh. We provide a Wide range of Allopathic and herbal products to our associates across India.

Our Wide range of products consisted of tablets, capsules, injections and dry syrups etc. Our Quality is best and rates are very competitive as per market. We also provide incentive schemes to our associates.

You can all us at +91-8288899202 and know more about the services we are providing.


Our Pharma product range in Bihar

  • Tablets
  • Capsules
  • Injections
  • Dry Injections
  • Syrups
  • Dry Syrups
  • Soft-Gel Capsules
  • Herbal products

Facilities provided to out customers

We support our associates by providing following facilities, so that they can increase their business in their area properly. If you need any special facility, then you can contact us in that case also.

  1. Free Promotional material
  2. Free consultancy in growing your business
  3. Incentive schemes for regular business

Our promotional material includes Bags, Visual Aids, LBLs, Reminder cards, product cards etc. All these can be used effectively to increase your business in Bihar.