Top Cardiac Diabetic PCD pharma companies in India. In Indian market Cardiac Diabetic segment of medicines have grown most in last decade. This Segment has grown at a high speed and surpassed Anti-Biotic segment and now is one of the biggest segment in Medicine sales in country. This segment has contributed to the growth of pharmaceutical segment in India. Not Only in India , Cardiac Diabetic segment has grown globally as well.

Top Cardiac Diabetic Products company
Top Cardiac Diabetic Products company

Cardiac Diabetic Segment of Products

Cardiac Diabetic segment of Products are products which are used to control heart related diseases, blood pressure and sugar or diabetes. When a person has high sugar, his blood vessels and heart is more damaged than a normal person, so doctor advises the patient to have medicines from these segments. Serious damage and uncontrolled sugar may also lead to heart attack and other serious problems. This segments is one of the fastest growing segment in Pharma sector and many associates are looking for a PCD Pharma company with Cardiac diabetes management products. For these persons we have prepared a list of Top Cardiac Diabetic pharma company.

Benefits of taking Cardiac Diabetic PCD pharma franchise

Many Associates are working by getting Pharma franchise of different companies and making good profit. Different ranges are available to promote like General, Paediatric , Gyne, Herbal and Cardiac Diabetic Etc. Every associate can choose the range he wants to work in by following method :-

Following are the benefits of Choosing a Cardiac Diabetic PCD pharma company for you :-

  1. Unique Range – Working in Cardiac Diabetic Range will help you in getting an extra edge over your competitors as this range is not available with every company. This will help you getting better doctors who work in speciality products.
  2. Larger profit Margins -General Range and Gastro Range are very common and competition is cut-throat there. Most associates work on very low margins there. But once you work Cardiac Diabetic Range, you face less competition and your profit margins increase.
  3. Low Investment required – You can start working in cardiac Diabetic range in low investment because the products in this range are not very costly.

As you have seen the benefits of working in Cardiac Diabetic Range above, you can plan for this range and make good profits for yourself.

Wellgo Pharmaceuticals has created a list of Top PCD companies which deal in Cardiac Diabetic Range. These companies offer quality products to their associates and help them in promoting their products and doing their business. We have made this list based on following criteria :-

a) Efficacy and quality – As it is very important that products in this category should have good result, first and foremost criteria is good efficacy and quality. Companies which have good efficacy and market standing are picked for comparison.

b) Packing and Presentation – Good looking and presentable products are always easier to sell than otherwise. Products with good packing and presentation are picked for comparison . Most of associates prefer presentable product, this is because Doctors also prefer good looking products as they represent better quality. Below is an example of good packing design.

c) Pricing and costing – In any B2B business Pricing and costing is very important as it will define the profit margins for its customers. Wellgo has carefully compared the products pricing of these companies and selected companies which are passing on maximum benefits to its associates.

d) Promotional Material support – Every Associates and company understands that Promotional material support is of prime importance to push a product in market. We have picked up companies which are offering Free Promotional materials like pen, doctor pad etc for their associates.

Based on above criteria we have made a list of companies which are offering best quality pharma franchise services in this segment.

Top 10 Cardiac Diabetic PCD pharma companies

  1. Wellgo Pharmaceuticals

CARDIAC DIABETIC PCD PHARMA FRANCHISEWellgo Cardio Diabetic is launched in 2020 and working in over 100+ locations in India, This is launched under Wellgo Pharmaceuticals and Wellgo Pharmaceuticals is working for over 7 years in Market. Our total presence is over 350+ locations in India and we are working with 400+ associates. Wellgo has best quality Cardiac Diabetic Products available. Our associates get Free Promotional material to promote these products and make maximum profit.

Wellgo Cardiac Diabetic has following offerings for its customers:-

  • Good Quality products at Right Price
  • Timely Delivery
  • After Sales service

Contact – 8288899202,

2. MediHeart Pharmaceuticals

MediHeart Pharmaceuticals is located in Bangalore and working in cardio Division for almost 3 years. Their focus in market of south. They are driven to being top end formulations for their associates.  They provide best quality cardiac products at very affordable and comfortable prices.

3. Medifit Pharma

Third in our list is Medifit Pharma, they have experience of over 5 years and they over a wide range of cardiac medicines. Their motto is to provide good quality products at affordable rates to its associates. They have a good reputation in cardiac diabetic pharma comapnies.

4. Creogenic Pharma

Over 10 years of experience Creogenic Pharma is one of the top Pharmaceutical companies. Recently they have ventured in cardiac diabetic range. They are based out of panchkula and their working is on ethical and transparent basis. Creogenic is a well known name in Cardiac and Diabetic range.

5. Ellenjey Pharma

Ellenjey is a well known name in cardiac diabetic segment.Their products are available and are in high demand  in market. Their focus is on good quality and packing of products. They provide monopoly rights to their associates with excellent marketing opportunities.

6. Ultra Healthcare

7. Innovin Pharma

8. NovaLabs

9. Wellnax Pharma

10.Labcorp Pharma

As you have seen above, We have prepared the list of top Cardiac Diabetic pcd companies for you. If you are looking for any more information or want to take a PCD company for you, Please contact us and we will help you in every way.

Wellgo Pharmaceuticals

Top Cardiac Diabetic PCD pharma company 






Ayurvedic and Herbal products are used for many adverse health conditions and healing purposes. These products are also used for preventive healthcare. This segment has helped a lot of people in maintaining health and improving it. Therefore Herbal and Ayurvedic medicine Manufacturers have played a very important role in this area. In past some time India and world has seen a lot of growth in this area which has given rise to many Manufacturers of herbal Medicines. One of the reason of rise of this segment is that more and more people are getting aware of the benefits of herbal products. If you are a businessman and you want to plan for a herbal and Ayurvedic products manufacturing, you can do it with Wellgo Pharmaceuticals.

Herbal Ayurvedic product manufacturer
Herbal Ayurvedic product manufacturer

When you are looking for a reputed Herbal medicine manufacturer You can easily trust Wellgo Pharmaceuticals. Wellgo has its manufacturing Unit in Haryana. Wellgo Pharma uses classical method to manufacture its herbal and Ayurvedic medicines. Wellgo Pharma started its manufacturing unit in 2020 and has quickly became a reputed name in herbal and Ayurvedic medicine manufacturing.

If you are a new businessman or an existing business person, Herbal and Ayurvedic is a very good segment in which you can start to work. When choosing a Herbal and Ayurvedic manufacturer You should always take care of following things

  • Quality of manufacturing
  • Classical method of manufacturing
  • Experienced staff
  • Availability of proper and Experienced staff

Wellgo pharma : Journey of Ayurvedic manufacturing

Wellgo pharmaceuticals started journey of Ayurvedic manufacturing in year 2020 in Haryana. As soon as Wellgo Pharmaceuticals started its Ayurvedic manufacturing , it soon became the epitome of quality and service. Wellgo Pharmaceuticals is liked by its customers for their quality manufacturing of classical Ayurvedic and herbal manufacturing. Wellgo Pharma manufacturers its Herbal products from Kwath and traditional Jadi-Butis or Herbs. This method of manufacturing assured quality and efficacy of products manufactured at Wellgo Pharma facility. Wellgo pharma for Ayurvedic and Herbal products manufacturing  is established on strong principles of Quality, Efficacy and transparency. We have latest machines to make sure your products manufactured are of best quality and efficacy.

Ayurvedic and Herbal third party manufacturing.

Wellgo Pharma has taken all the necessary licences and certifications for Ayurvedic products third party manufacturing. Wellgo Pharma manufactures its products by taking help of Charak Samhita, Ratanvalli, Bhav Prakash and Ayurvedic Pharmaopeia etc. By strictly following our processes we make sure that our products are manufactured in best quality. Wellgo Pharma is Herbal and Ayurvedic third party manufacturer, Our formulations are made specifically to make end user cure and relieved.

List of Top 10 Herbal Ayurvedic medicine Manufacturer in India

When you are planning to get your Ayurvedic products manufactured you should select a manufacturer who follows all the guidelines of Ayush Department. After a lot of research we have made a list of top Herbal products manufacturer for India. Please check latest list of manufacturers of Ayurvedic manufacturers.

  1. Wellgo pharmaceuticals

Wellgo Pharmaceuticals has a licenced and approved facility by Ayush department in Barwala, Haryana. Wellgo is one of the most reputed Herbal manufacturer since 2020. Our Products are approved from Ayush Department. Wellgo pharma also offers PCD of Herbal and Ayurvedic Products to many associates. Wellgo Pharmaceuticals offers Contract manufacturing and third party manufacturing services and is ranked in top 10 Herbal manufacturing companies.

If you are looking for Herbal and Ayurvedic Manufacturing of Ayush Approved formulations you can contact is at:-

Name – Wellgo Pharma

Phone – 8288899202

Email –

2. Satguru pharma

This company is based in Chandigarh, they are working for over 3 years in Herbal and Ayurvedic space. Their speciality is Herbal Syrups and they are good in that area. They have a good Plant and have good reputation in market. Good prices and packing make them a good choice.

3. Zioc Pharmaceutical

Zioc Pharma is set up in Mohali Punjab. They are an old company from Punjab. They have a good reputation in market and have a great reputation. Their products are of minimum Rates. Their goal is to provide good quality products and best prices.

4. Swastik Ayurveda

Founded in 2014, Swastik is one of the top Herbal retail services provider in India. They are famous for novel medications available over the counter.

5. Pax Healthcare

Pax is one of the respected firms in Herbal Ayurvedic space. They provide a good range of DCGI and Ayush Approved molecules for the customers.

6. Dabur India

This is one of the oldest companies which worked in Ayurvedic space and has build up a brand for them selves. They are mostly engaged in Manufacturing for themselves. They are one of the first and best OTC brands for Herbal and Ayurvedic products.

7. Bhuwan Organics

Bhuwan Organics is a company based in Baddi, Himachal Pradesh.  They are engaged in Manufacturing of Herbal capsules and tablets which are approved by Ayush department. Bhuwan is engaged in manufacturing quality Herbal preparations.

8.  Jabs Biotech

Jabs is also a reputed Ayurvedic manufacturer and has earned its respected over the years. They are one of the top Ayurvedic preparations manufacturers in India.They have good manufacturing facilities available for their customers and have an experienced team for their facility.

9. United Biotech

United Biotech is situated in baddi Himachal Pradesh, They are engaged in traditional manufacturing of classical Ayurvedic preparations. They have tablet, capsules and Syrups sections with and experienced doctors and chemists. many people in country trust them for herbal  products manufacturing for their brands. They take good care of all processes and hygiene for them.

10. Ayaan Biocare.

Ayaan Biocare is division of Wellgo Pharmaceuticals and it is also engaged in third party manufacturing for our esteemed herbal products manufacturing clients. Started in 2020 Ayaan Biocare is also choice number 1 for many of our herbal products clients.


A list of top herbal products manufacturers is provided above for your reference, In case you are looking to get your products manufactured you can contact us at 8288899202 and and we will help you in that.




A lot of time our associates and new customers ask how much money or investment do they need to start a business or buy a PCD Pharma franchise. It is a very relevant question as many people think how much do they need to invest to start their own business.  Before we understand this let us first understand what is a PCD Pharma franchise.

In PCD pharma franchise the company offers its products and promotion rights to a particular agency or person, that person then with the help of promotional support and his hard work promotes the products in his own area.

What Is Franchise ?

When a company or organisation offers Rights to promote its products and services to an individual or company, it is known as giving franchise. A PCD pharma franchise also works in a similar fashion.

How Much money is required to buy PCD pharma franchise ?

This is a very important question that how much money is needed to start the business. A small video is shared below which can help you in understanding how much budget do you need.

To estimate the amount you need to follow following steps:-

  1. Make a list of Products you need
  2. Do proper survey of doctors you need
  3. Make an estimate of sale you need to as per your expenses and profit you want to make.
  4. Take estimates from your pcd company of the rates
  5. Keep extra money for your personal expenses for 5-6 months.

Once you calculate this you will come to a number which you will need to start the business. It is important to note that you will have to keep some risk money for you as your business will take some time to setup.

By this method you can easily calculate the money needed to start the business.

For more information you can contact us at – 8288899202.



How do I get PCD Franchise in India

This is the question we face mostly from our new associates. many persons do not know how they can get a pcd pharma franchise company for their area and start their business. So if you are also wondering how do I get PCD franchise in India, you may go through the blog and learn more about it.

Before we talk about How lets talk about Who can get this opportunity. Following are important points which you need to take care of, before you plan about getting a PCD pharma franchise companies list in India.


Point 1 – Drug Licence – This is the most important part of the things you need. As per the drug authorities of Government of India, If anyone wants to stock, purchase or sell medicines they need to have a drug liscence. You need to adhere to conditions of Drug authorities and only then you can apply for and get a drug liscence. Once you have liscence you can then plan to get your PCD pharma company.

Point 2 – Funds – If you want to start any business you need to have funds, similarly when you want to get a Pharma franchise, you need to have funds in this case as well.

Point 3 – Product Knowledge – If you want to start business in Pharma sector, you also need to have product knowledge. As you know if any business has to be started, knowledge about that business is required.

If you have all three points covered we can now focus on How can you get Pharma franchise in India.

  1. Find a Pharma company – To Get Pharma franchise first you need to find a Pharma company. You can find a Pharma company from Google, or there are many other portals which you can yous to get contact numbers of PCD pharma companies.
  2. Check Brand names and Packing – In second step you can check the brand names and packing of the products. As you know you have to promote these products in ethical way in your area. So the brand name and packing becomes very important. Make sure you pick a company which is easy to promote as per your comfort.
  3. Price comparison – In final stage you can do a comparative analysis of the companies you have selected. You can check the rates of common products and work as per your requirement.

Above you can see that you can select PCD Pharma franchise for your area. In case you are planning to get a new company for yourself, you can easily get by three easy steps.


Are you a Pharma Professional and wondering that PCD Pharma franchise is profitable or not ? There are many ways in which you can start a Pharma Business, which are as below:-

  • Retail Shop or Chemist Shop
  • Whole sale business of Ethical company
  • Whole sale business of Generic company
  • Taking PCD pharma franchise company and promoting in your area.

You can start any of these businesses and  enter into Pharma Industry.

Let us understand how PCD Pharma franchise company works. Once you take a PCD Pharma company, you will get Products on Monopoly basis from the company from which you have taken the franchise. PCD company has the responsibility to provide you with the promotional material to promote the product ethically. Also, at the same time company has to be ethical and provide complete monopoly to the person promoting the company in their area.

If you take a PCD company you can give around 20 % to Retailer, 20-25% to Doctor promotion and 20-30% will be cost. So You can make 30-40% profit.

This means if you can make a sale of 100000/- or 1 Lac in a month, You can make 30-40000 in a month. With this You can also say PCD pharma is a profitable business.

So if you are also planning to start a business by taking a PCD Pharma franchise, you can contact us and we will help you further.

For more details you can contact at – 8288899202



Herbal PCD pharma franchise company.

Are you looking for an Ayurvedic or Herbal Pharma franchise company for your business ? No need to worry you have reached at the right place. We are sharing the best and top Herbal PCD pharma franchise companies in India which are offering their quality products to wholesalers.

top 10 Herbal Ayurvedic company
Top 10 Herbal Ayurvedic company

In a huge country like India where population is more than 130 crores, numerous number of people are suffering with different kind of ailments, example, indigestion, gastric Problem, Pains, Joint issues, nervousness, obesity, mensural problems, Liver ailments are so on. Many times it has been observed that patient is not willing to take allopathic medicines and there are a lot of Ayurvedic and Herbal doctors also which prescribe Herbal and Ayurvedic medicines to their patients. Herbal and Auyuvedic products became very famous during covid period and it has become first choice if many persons. This has increased a huge scope for Herbal PCD pharma franchise companies to expand their business. There are Many wholesalers and businessmen who now want to enter into Herbal and Ayurvedic segment of medicines and expand their business in this area. Not only this a lot of patients are also taking these products on self prescription and willingness. One major reason of this is that these products do not have any side effect and can be used as OTC products as well. More and more awareness of these products has increased the market tremendously for herbal products. As a result this has created a huge opportunity for Herbal Franchise companies.

What is herbal and Ayurvedic PCD company ?

Let us first understand what is a herbal pcd company or an Ayurvedic pcd company. Any company which is offering its brands and products for promotion to wholesaler, by giving the rights to promote their products in customers location is known as a PCD company in Herbal segment. These companies offer Herbal and Ayurvedic products like, syrups, capsules, powders, juices etc to their customers. A Herbal PCD company also provides dedicated rights to their customers along with tools to market their products.

Benefit of Herbal pcd company

A herbal pcd company has a lot of benefits for wholesalers and distributors, this is the reason why more and more persons are interested in taking herbal pcd franchise and work in that area. Few of the benefits are given below :-

  1. Less strictness – If you want to work in herbal segment, you don’t have to get a Drug License from Drug Department. It has been observed that, many people have to face a lot of difficulty in taking the drug license from Drug department when they want to start their business in allopathic segment. The requirements of drug department are much more in allopathic segment and it is also a time consuming process. If you want to work in Herbal segment you don’t need any license and you are just order martial and start selling it. If you have a Shop, you can even keep the products there and sell like OTC products. Products don’t have any side effects and they are also free from any chemicals, so the ease of business in herbal segment is much higher. In case you want to start your business and save yourself from hassles you can easily start by taking Herbal pcd franchise of any reputed company.
  2. More margins – Herbal and Ayurvedic franchise company offers products which have high margins. These products have good Price to MRP ratio, which helps businessmen and wholesalers in earning more margins. Many Pharmaceuticals suppliers are preferring Herbal Pharma franchise companies to start their business.
  3. Long expiry – A very important benefit of working with a Herbal PCD company is that, the product it offers has 3 years of Expiry. This is much greater than 18 months or 24 months of food and drug products. This long expiry decreases the risk factor of wholesalers. You can easily get the products as you will have a long time to promote these medicines safely.
  4. Easy promotion and ease of work – When you buy herbal and Ayurvedic medicines from a reputed herbal franchise company, you will realise that it is much easier to convince a doctor to promote these products. These products do not have any side effects like allopathic medicines and the medicines are chemical free.
  5. Government’s Focus – Indian Government with Ayush department is focusing a lot on Herbal and Ayurvedic section of medicines. Ayurveda is a very old and tested methodology to cure various ailments and India is product to be its originator. Government of India is giving various benefits to people who are working in this area. Apart from this a lot of big awareness campaigns are being run by GOI for the promotion of herbal medicines. With all these positive steps the scope of herbal and Ayurvedic medicines is going to increase exponentially and One can plan his/her business in this segment.

There are many more benefits but above are the top 4 reasons why people are preferring herbal franchise companies to start their business.

Which Ayurvedic company is the best ?

There are a lot of Herbal and Ayurvedic PCD franchise companies in India, so you may have this question, which Ayurvedic company is the best ? We have prepared a list of best and top Herbal pcd companies , which we will share. Before that we are sharing how to identify which herbal company is the best ? To understand a herbal company you should check following points in an Ayurvedic company:-

  1. Results and Efficacy – We believe this is the single most important factor in an Ayurvedic or Herbal pcd franchise company. Due to less regulation, some companies are not giving the best quality of products and full compositions are not added. This is also done because customers and wholesalers just want minimum rate for the products.You should be very careful while choosing a herbal pcd franchise company for yourself. If your criteria is to choose the company with lowest rates you may get material of substandard quality. This might show are an initial win, but when result will come you will be in pain. So we will suggest that in herbal products you choose the quality of rates. Once you will get results on products you will get automatic demand of these products and and your sales and profits will increase.
  2. Packing and presentation – Herbal and Ayurvedic Products are easier to promote, but if packing and presentation is of good quality and looks, Your work will become easier. When selecting a company, ask for all the products images and look at them carefully. The cooler schemes and brand names play a very important role. Just go for brand names which are easy to remember and simple elegant packing. Another important point which you should ask your herbal pcd franchise company is that, if the packing material is of good quality. By this we mean that bottles and cartons would be of good quality. Here also do not compromise on quality because of low rates.
  3. Promotional support – Most Herbal PCD pharma companies will provide you with various promotional supports like Bag, visual aid, Reminder cards and table tops. These promotional material will provide you extra boost in making your sales.
  4. Dealing and terms – When you select a Herbal and Ayurvedic company to promote in your area, most important things is the dealing of the company and management. So proper discussion with company should happen and their terms should be understood. In Long term business, dealing of management and their terms should be understood properly.
  5. Monopoly Rights – Last but not the least ‘ Monopoly Rights ‘. If you are planning to take a company and promote in your area, it will take a lot of effort, time and energy to establish as a brand in your area. Once you work hard and establish a brand you need to have a monopoly with you, so that you can reap the benefits of your hard work and earn more profit.

Following is the list of Top 10 Herbal and Ayurvedic companies in India.

  1. Wellgo Pharma & Wellgo OrganicsWellgo Pharma and Organics is based in Chandigarh. Company has a wide range of innovative and efficacy based  herbal and Ayurvedic products. Wellgo has over 100 associates who are promoting their herbal products . Wellgo focuses on a GMP based manufacturing of its herbal range. Innovative herbal products are available in its range.
  2. Medifit Pharma
  3. Ellanjey Pharma
  4. Creogenic Pharma
  5. Trulive Pharma
  6. Bhasker Ayurveda
  7. Rudra Organics
  8. Mac Bioscience
  9. Focus healthcare
  10. Vee Remedies

Based on our research you can select the best herbal and Ayurvedic company for you. You can contact us at 8288899202 and




Franchise Pharma company list in India is made by Wellgo pharmaceuticals.PCD Pharma companies in India can be a good business opportunity for many small and medium size businessmen. These Pharma associates and professionals can take materials from these PCD franchise companies and then promote them in their area. These professional take monopoly rights of these brands and Ethically promote them in their area. They Visit doctors in their area and inform doctor about the quality and efficacy of products. When ethically promoting these products, they also convince the doctors to prescribe their products.

Franchise pharma company list in India
Franchise pharma company list in India

There are many PCD pharma companies in India, and Wellgo pharma has created a pcd pharma companies list for pharma professionals. Many Pharma professionals take new companies and divisions for their business. Sometimes MRs and RSMs also plan a new business and for that purpose they look for new divisions. Our List helps companies in selecting a franchise or division for themselves. 

Pharmaceuticals industry has proven in covid that it is a very safe industry to be in. This industry’s seen a consistent growth in last few years. You can easily get the list of top pharma companies in our blog.

Franchise Pharma company list in India

  1. Wellgo Pharmaceuticals
  2. Aayaan Biocare
  3. Creogenic Pharma
  4. Vibcare Pharma
  5. Ellanjey Lifescience
  6. Altius lifescience
  7. Medifit pharmaceuticals
  8. Penak Pharma
  9. Pretence Pharmaceuticals
  10. Biocorp Lifecare.

Frequently asked questions.

When starting a new business of going for a new division for your existing pharma business, there are many questions which come to mind. Following are a few questions for your reference.

Question – Who can take a Pharma division?

Answer – Anyone who has Pharma Experience and want to start new business or take a new division for existing business can start take pharma division for same purpose.

Question – How to check that pharma company is genuine ?

Answer – It is very important to check that pharma company is genuine and you should check the video reviews as given below.

Apart from this you can talk to pharma company, talk to their management. Management of the company should be supportive as you will be doing long term business with them.

Certification – You can ask for various certification of products like quality certificates, WHO-GMP certificates.

This will help you in checking our the genuine ness of the company.

For more details you can contact at





PCD pharma companies in India are rising aggressively and creating their own supply chain in Pharma finished goods supply chain. These companies play a very important role in last mile logistics. There are places where big companies have more reached and PCD pharma companies in India, provide an opportunity to many entrepreneurs and pharma professionals to start a business and live their life comfortably.

PCD Pharma companies in India
PCD Pharma companies in India

India is a huge country spread across a very large area. There are a lot of pharmaceutical companies which provide products in these areas and play an important role in maintaining health of people of our country. In a country like India a strong supply chain is required for delivery of products. Big companies have there presence in most areas, but not unto last mile. Following. are the reasons why pharma entrepreneurs are choosing PCD Pharma companies in India.

a) Low Investment – PCD Pharma companies can be taken with a low investment. Some companies can give material even in 10,000. This is very helpful for small businessmen and first generation entrepreneurs. Some people don’t have high investment and they would like to start with less money. PCD company is best for them.

b) High Returns – PCD companies provide goods are very nominal rates, this gives a chance to many people to earn more money. First time business men can invest and start getting high returns by working with pcd companies in India.

c) Wide product Range – Many PCD pharma companies provide a very wide range to start business. This gives a great benefit to people who want to start in Pharmaceutical segment. With Own investment it is very difficult to launch large range, pcd company give you opportunity to work in a large range by getting its products.

d) Free promotional support – To promote Pharma products ethically May promotional support items like Bag, Visual aid etc are required. PCD pharma companies in India provide all these promotional support materials free of cost.

These are only few benefits of working with a PCD pharma company. Wellgo Pharma has made pcd pharma companies list for your reference. You can check it by clicking at this link.




PCD – Propaganda cum Distribution, this is the full form of PCD and there are thousands of PCD companies in India. Thousands of Pharma professionals, employees and customers are linked with PCD Pharma companies.  Many times question arises which PCD company is the best ? This is a very important question for people selecting a Pharma PCD division for themselves for their existing or new business.

How to identify Best PCD company ?

How good a PCD company is can be decided on following criteria :-

a) Product Efficacy – If you are working in pharmaceutical industry you must be aware that product efficacy and result is the priority one. if a product is not giving result , its cost and anything related to it is irrelevant. So First and foremost is the result of product.

b) Certified products – We can check the certification of the plants from which products are manufactured. WHO-GMP certified products, with ISO or EuGmp products are best in quality.

c) Customer service – An excellent customer service is the base of any B2B business. A company with good processes for customer service and after sales service is beneficial for every business associate.

d) Packing and presentation – Pharmaceutical Products are promoted and presented to doctors, retailers etc. When the product is shown, its packing and designing is very important from sales point of view. A presentable product is easy to sell.

e) Monopoly Rights and agreement – PCD pharma business requires monopoly rights from the company. As we are in industry for many Years we understand that a lot of investment and effort is required at ground level to establish brand of company and get results. So Monopoly basis products should be given to customers.

Based on these criteria, Wellgo pharma has created a   PCD pharma companies list for all of you.

If you need more information on how to select and identify best PCD company, you can contact us at 8288899202 or




Ethical Multinational Pharma franchise company

Wellgo Pharmaceuticals of one of the top Ethical and Multinational Pharma franchise company in India. We deal in over 350+ High quality WHO-GMP certified products and are expanding our range in new ranges and formulations.  We offer Ethical Pharma franchise  on Monopoly basis in India. By Associating with Wellgo Pharmaceuticals you can be assured of top quality and best in class service levels. Another benefit is that Wellgo offers products at very reasonable price. Our Products are manufactured under strict quality guidelines and then tested under highest standards. Our Experienced team works 24X7 to provide highest quality service to our business associates.

Ethical Pharma Promotion is a very old method of promotion medicines and Many Multinational Pharma franchise companies are also engaged in the promotion by this method. Here the information related to the products and formulations is shared by representatives in an easy and professional way. The practitioners after understanding the formulations then prescribe the products to their patients.

Benefits of working with a Multinational Ethical Pharma franchise company .

A Multinational Pharma franchise company which also offers Ethical pharma franchise should by your first choice in working with because of following benefits.

  1. You can directly contact the practitioners with confidence when you have Ethical pharma franchise of a company on a monopoly basis as you know the product quality and result is good.
  2. When working with Ethical Pharma franchise, you can promote Brand name easily as company offers many promotional material free of cost.
  3. Ethical PCD Franchise is a great way to promote products ethically in your region and gain dominance in business, you can transform the market in your area by your work and products you have in company.


Multinational Pharma franchise company.

We are a multinational Pharma franchise company and are known for our exceptional work in Pharma sector over last 6 years. We are offering Multinational franchise company to associates so that they can expand their business. All information regarding this is available on this website and blog and you can easily contact us at 8288899202 if you like.

Primary Focus

Our main focus is to provide best quality medicines to the end users or patients at an affordable price, at the same time we make sure that our associates also earn a good margin. We have gained a strong reputation in last 6 years because of the quality of our franchise products and their affordable prices. We have a mission to change the healthcare system and if you want to join our mission you are welcome to join us.

Why Choose Wellgo Ethical Pharma franchise ?

One of the reasons you should choose us is that we have a very strict Client first policy. Once you join hands with us, our account managers will provide you with best in class service and top quality products.

Certified products – Another important benefits of working with us is that you will get certified products.. With proper certification of products you can sell the products with confidence and easily increase your business. This also ensures the quality of products you are promoting in market.

Good product Range

We offer a good products range to so that they can grow with business easily. A Wide range always help our associates in dominating the market. Our Range includes

  1. Tablets
  2. Capsules
  3. Injections
  4. Syrups
  5. Dry-Syrups
  6. Injections
  7. Dry Injections
  8. Soft-Gel capsules
  9. General range
  10. Pedia Range
  11. Ortho range
  12. Cardio
  13. Gyne

Monopoly Rights of Multinational Ethical Pharma franchise company

An Important feature of working with us is that we offer a Monopoly to our customers when they buy from us. This means that in their area we don’t offer our products to any other person. This gives a dominance to our customers when they promote an Ethical Pharma franchise company in their area. To Promote the entrepreneurs we have established this rule so that they can work freely in their location and grow with dominance. To Our monopoly franchises we provide free marketing material which they use to Grow in their Area.


List of top 10 Ethical Pharma franchise companies.

Based on factors presented above following are top 10 Ethical Pharma franchise companies in India.

  1. Wellgo Pharmaceuticals
  2. Ayan Biocare
  3. Femmed lifescience
  4. Numora healthcare
  5. Greymatters pharma
  6. Gripon Lifesciences
  7. Maxwell healthcare
  8. Greatergood lifescience
  9. Healthfirst pharma
  10. Tripmac Healthcare


Wellgo Pharmaceuticals is a Chandigarh based Pharmaceutical company which offers Ethical PCD franchise in India. With Over 20 Years of collective team experience Wellgo is determined to delivery top quality products to the patients around country. Wellgo Pharma has got many certifications for quality management and control. By Offering WHO-GMP products having Multinational pharma franchise reputation, Wellgo is choice number one of many associates around the country.