Which PCD pharma company is the best ?

PCD – Propaganda cum Distribution, this is the full form of PCD and there are thousands of PCD companies in India. Thousands of Pharma professionals, employees and customers are linked with PCD Pharma companies.  Many times question arises which PCD company is the best ? This is a very important question for people selecting a Pharma PCD division for themselves for their existing or new business.

How to identify Best PCD company ?

How good a PCD company is can be decided on following criteria :-

a) Product Efficacy – If you are working in pharmaceutical industry you must be aware that product efficacy and result is the priority one. if a product is not giving result , its cost and anything related to it is irrelevant. So First and foremost is the result of product.

b) Certified products – We can check the certification of the plants from which products are manufactured. WHO-GMP certified products, with ISO or EuGmp products are best in quality.

c) Customer service – An excellent customer service is the base of any B2B business. A company with good processes for customer service and after sales service is beneficial for every business associate.

d) Packing and presentation – Pharmaceutical Products are promoted and presented to doctors, retailers etc. When the product is shown, its packing and designing is very important from sales point of view. A presentable product is easy to sell.

e) Monopoly Rights and agreement – PCD pharma business requires monopoly rights from the company. As we are in industry for many Years we understand that a lot of investment and effort is required at ground level to establish brand of company and get results. So Monopoly basis products should be given to customers.

Based on these criteria, Wellgo pharma has created a   PCD pharma companies list for all of you.

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