What is PCD Pharma company and How it operates ?

What is PCD Pharma company.

PCD means propaganda cum distribution and a PCD pharma company is a company dealing in Pharmaceutical products and providing Marketing support to its associates. These companies provide products with its brand on a monopoly basis. By Monopoly it means that the products with those specific brands will be available to only one person in a particular location. This business model offers a lot of options in product range and promotional support to its associates.

PCD Pharma company India

How PCD pharma company Operates ?

As mentioned above a PCD Pharma company offers its products on monopoly basis. Below it is mentioned that how it operates.

  • A PCD company and its associates agree on a mutual agreement about the Monopoly Rights of company in a particular region, Product range it will work in and conditions like sale etc to meet monopoly requirements.
  • Marketing and distribution rights are offered to associates based on the sale they commit and investment they are making.
  • Business associates may or may not conduct any on ground activities for the promotion of business. Proper marketing study is done by marketing associates based on their research or Previous experience.
  • When these activities are conducted , it is expected that all moral and ethical rules are followed considering the reputation of PCD Pharma company.PCD Pharma company India

Why and When to start PCD Franchise in your area?

There can be many reasons to start a new business. We will assume that you are motivated enough to start the business and we will discuss only technical aspects of this question. You can start a PCD franchise in your area if the answers to following questions is YES.

  1. Do you have capital ?
  2. Do you have product knowledge ?
  3. Do you have Drug license ?
  4. Do you have market ready ?

If answer to the questions above is YES, you can start with Best PCD company like Wellgo Pharma.

Scope of PCD Pharma Franchise

There are many Channels via which pharma products move and PCD Pharma is also one of those. PCD Pharma companies play a vital role in last mile delivery of many medicines. With growing population and longevity, Scope of PCD pharma franchise if very bright. This is a very good opportunity for many businessmen. A lot of associates have grown by promoting a PCD company in their area and you can also grab this opportunity.

In this type of business, you have full freedom to make and implement your business strategy. Another unique benefit of this business is that you can start with a very low investment. So if you have the right business strategy and Planning, you can grow very well in this industry.

Key Feature of PCD pharma franchise

  1. Opportunity to be your own Boss – If you are working in a job in same industry you can understand what I am saying. With so much hard work you are putting, the results are not in direct promotion to you. If you plan to take a pcd pharma franchise you will be your own boss. You will work hard but you will get direct benefits. most of all you will be your own boss.
  2. No Sales target – As you will be your own boss, you will not have any sales target, you can work as per your comfort.You will sell as per market trend and your own schedule there won’t be any sales target or pressure on you for this.
  3. Low Risk Investment – The business is a low risk investment, as the amount you will need to start is very less. Apart from this Pharma industry is booming which will give you good return on investment.
  4. Flexibility of working – There are no specific timings on which you should work. You can easily manage between your family and work as per your comfort. You will need to work as per your and your customers schedule. This will provide you great flexibility and peace of mind


PCD Pharma franchise is an excellent business opportunity for new associates and businessmen. We have explained here What is PCD Pharma franchise . It is profitable business but we still recommend that before finalising any pharma franchise for you, Take a good look at the Franchise and their management. It is a long term association so you should select carefully. Having said that, we can say PCD Pharma franchise is a good opportunity and you can start your business with it.

If you have any questions or concerns about this business you can feel free to call at 8288899202 and start work with us.

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