Rifaximin 400 Tablets

Rifaximin 400 tablets

Rifaximin 400 tablets are available in Wellgo Pharmaceuticals for its esteemed associates. These tablets are in Gastro Range and are very effective in fighting many bacterial infections.

Brand name – WIXIMIN-400

Composition – Rifaximin 400 Mg

Packing – 10X10 ALU ALU

Product image is given below.

Rifaximin 400 Mg tablets
Rifaximin 400 Mg tablets

Rifaximin is used to treat bacterial infections which cause diarrhea. It is also used in Travelller’s Diarrhea. Doctors also prescribe it in Irritable Bowl Syndrome.

Rifaximin 400 Tablets are very effective in Many Gastro Infections. These tablets are available in our Gastro PCD Products and our associates are promoting it successfully in their areas.

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